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To the Editor:

I was a member of the Route 3 context sensitive solutions committee and want to respond to some of the questions raised in last week’s Islander about the new construction from Ireson Hill to Hulls Cove.

We made the recommendation that we did not want the new section to be as wide and open as Route 3 from the head of Mount Desert Island to Ireson Hill. That section has 12-foot travel lanes, wide paved shoulders and a very open feel.

The new section(s) will have 11-foot travel lanes and 4 to 5-foot paved shoulders. That will give drivers a sense that they are coming into a community with residences and businesses.

While there were a lot of trees cut, there was much less cutting than there would have been with a conventional open highway. Those features combine to have a traffic-calming effect and slow drivers down as they come into town. We thought that was a good thing.

We didn’t get everything we wanted in the new construction, but it was pretty close, especially in the first section that is nearing completion.

Personally, I think the DOT and the contractors have done a great job thus far. The second section from Hulls Cove to Mount Desert Street will be even more challenging, and I hope they get as good a construction season next year.

Dean S. Read

Bar Harbor

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