Road concerns

To the Editor:

I think these electric bikes are fantastic! It gives me some hope at 74-years-old of getting out and being able to ride on the trails where the arthritis in my legs and feet will only let me walk for a very short time.

Of course, over in Southwest Harbor, Bass Harbor (102) and Manset (102a) you take your life in your own hands because the roads (Route 102 and 102A) are in such horrible condition. The shoulders are nonexistent, and there are 4-to-5-inch drops from the asphalt to the sand and gravel.

Truly this is a forgotten part of the island, and the Maine Department of Transportation won’t put in real shoulders because they say that there isn’t enough traffic. But there are a few thousand residents, several boatyards and lobster wharfs. In the summer, add traffic from the campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, Thurston’s Lobster Pound and the lighthouse.

Let’s not forget about construction companies, all of which have huge trucks and heavy loads moving along the road. The DOT comes along and throws a little asphalt in the holes and crumbling edges, but it crumbles away in a few months.

I found it particularly strange and funny that they put millions into a part of the road in Tremont when they fixed the curve in the road and then proceeded to put granite curbs and a sidewalk in from the school almost to the marsh in an area where no one walks, ever.

The DOT said it was for schoolchildren to walk. I told him that there were no kids on that stretch, and besides, the schools will not let kids walk to school. So that was millions spent for what?

I can’t even walk around my block because when I walk on Route 102, the ground is so bad that I have fallen several times. I have personally taken three people back to Seawall Campground and Bass Harbor Campground who I came across injured on the road.

The response I got from the DOT said, “vehicles are to give way to joggers and bikers.”

Anny Seavey

Southwest Harbor

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