Respectful discourse

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage the voters of Bar Harbor to gather the best available information in preparation of the upcoming town meeting and ballot. The process and issues are important and therefore deserve our attentions.

Our right (and responsibility) to vote is an important freedom that we should not take for granted. Everyone’s vote counts, and as voters, it is our responsibility to be informed about current issues in our town.

Please do not rely only on news articles, letters to the editor, postal mailings, road signs and the like for your information. Instead, also attend public forums, council meetings (or at least on TV), speak with neighbors and council members. Gather as much information as possible in order to make well-informed decisions.

Consider your sources of information carefully because there are those that sometimes present their opinions as fact.

Remember when discussing or debating issues with others, that we all were given two ears and just one mouth; listening to others is good. The loudest voice is not always correct, opinions that differ from yours are not always wrong, and it is always acceptable to agree to disagree.

I do not present my voting opinions here but rather encourage you all to work to develop those of your own through thoughtful participation in our processes, traditions, respectful discourse and responsible reflection.

Michael Gurtler

Bar Harbor

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