Resistance to what?

To the Editor:

I read with amusement the caption on a photo featured in the Jan. 25 issue of your newspaper. Embattled snowflakes stomping out their “resistance” on the normally pristine surface of Sand Beach. How quaint.

One might legitimately ask what the sad, beleaguered souls are resisting. The record stock market high? The record low black unemployment? The increased values of retirement accounts? The massive tax cut offered to individuals and businesses? The slashing of useless government red tape?

Is the resistance because of the large number of women President Trump has installed in powerful positions in his administration? Maybe resistance is due because Trump had the first woman manage a presidential campaign? A winning campaign, by the way.

Or could it just be sour grapes?

No matter, really. I am content to muster a wry smile at the “resistance.”

Jeff Woehrle

Mount Pocono, Pa.

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