Resident experience

To the Editor:

The issues of the crowded condition of the roads and parking areas within Acadia National Park are exactly the same issues outside the park. These issues need to be addressed by a comprehensive traffic plan that includes the park, all the Mount Desert Island towns and Trenton.

Addressing one component of the problem (the park) will only increase the size of the problem outside the park. It is too complicated an issue to address in a letter to the editor, but let me just make one simple point: The person coming to the island to work is typically one commuter per car.

The average visitor to the island is probably three or four visitors per one car. You would need to provide three or four places on alternative transportation for a visitor to get one car off the road, but only one place on alternative transportation to get one commuter car off the road. To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, “a car is a car is a car”.

The quality of the visitor experience to the island is important, but so is the quality of the resident experience. And the quality of the resident experience is sadly, but not surprisingly, absent from this discussion. It should be just as important as that of the visitor.

Mike Hays

Bass Harbor


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