Reparations board

To the Editor:

Thank you very much for your clear-sighted and good-hearted editorial on alternative corrective actions for young offenders. Yes, mentoring and structured opportunities for appropriate social interaction are better corrective first steps than incarceration. It is better for all of us that these young people learn the skills they need to live in society rather than those they need to survive in jail. Inclusion in the community, rather than exclusion, is necessary for the reparation which is essential to victims’ and offenders’ well being.

With so many ill-intentioned and irresponsible degradations of our health, human services, educational and judicial systems by state and federal ideologues, it is heartening to find a common sense approach with a proven record of success and fiscal responsibility being instituted in Hancock County.

The Reparations Board could not happen on its own, and I am certain it was an uphill battle for the good and sensible people who brought it into being. I thank them all and wish them success in their good work.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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