To the Editor:

In 2007, when John Baldacci was governor, five Republicans and five Democrats sponsored a bill in the state legislature to implement ranked-choice voting in Maine (LD 585).

Ranked-choice voting is simply a form of run-off voting. It has been supported by people of all political parties and independents across the state, and it has been used for many decades in a number of places around the nation and the world.

As recently confirmed by the Maine Supreme Court, it is fully constitutional for use in the June primary elections for all state and federal races, and it can be used in the November general elections for the federal offices. It is used for elections that have more than two candidates to make sure that winners at least get much closer to a real majority, thereby eliminating vote-splitting and the spoiler effect and making sure that winners more accurately reflect the actual will of the voters.

The ballots are easy, and voters are empowered with more voice and more choice.

Please vote “yes” on Question 1 in June to support ranked-choice voting and to send a strong message in support all of our recent referendums, including Medicaid expansion, which passed with 59 percent of the vote and is also being blocked in Augusta. A yes-on-one vote in June will make it clear to Augusta that we don’t want them blocking the referendum laws passed by the people of Maine.

Ron Bilancia


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