Rally thanks

To the Editor:

Indivisible MDI would like to express heartfelt thanks for the more than 250 people young and old who participated in the March for Our Lives Rally on the Village Green in Bar Harbor on Saturday.

We extend special thanks to those who spoke at the rally, including Ezra Halkett, Scott Stevens, Weslea Sidon, Jinny Shultz, Peter Lindquist, Liz Rabasca, Lucy Clews, Ansel Tenny, Meredith Musson, Ian Schwartz, Irene Choi, Colby Bennoch, Kathleen Slack, Roselyn Reid, Tiffany Bond, Adam Rabasca, Ava Drennan, Peter Benson, Susan Buell and Jayne Ashworth.

We are grateful to facilitators and helping hands Jayne Ashworth, Jill Weber, Frank Schwartz, Linda Foster and Scott Stevens. Staff of the Bar Harbor Police Department and Suzanne Banis of the Bar Harbor Highway Department also provided help.

Roberta Raymond

Bar Harbor

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