Quarry truth

To the Editor:

In the Oct. 20 edition of the Islander, Freshwater Stone owner Jeff Gammelin, in his guest column, stated that “the selfish influence of a few people already has resulted in the permanent ban of all future quarries on Mount Desert.” May I remind him and your readers that in July of 2013, the quarry ordinance passed by a 2-1 margin. The majority of town voters at the special town meeting saw that the town was no longer what it had been when quarries such as the ones in Hall Quarry were in operation. A hundred years after the heyday of these quarries, the town now had residential neighborhoods clustered near these sites, and the two uses were seen as incompatible.

Prior to Gammelin’s lease of Paul MacQuinn’s abandoned quarry in 2010, he had never lamented the loss of quarrying in the town of Mount Desert. He calls the neighborhood selfish in fighting to keep our way of life prior to his appearing on the scene. He, apparently, has no selfish reason, such as mining a highly profitable granite, for wanting to mine in our neighborhood. He only wants to maintain “a living piece of our working heritage.”

Gammelin has called us liars on several occasions. The Planning Board determined the grandfathered status of this quarry based on his and MacQuinn’s testimony after “giving them the benefit of the doubt” while not allowing the testimony of the Hall Quarry residents that could refute their claims. I guess the town also sees us a liars and whiners rather than good neighbors and taxpayers.

I say again, why would anyone who is not insane have built a home next to or near a working quarry?

The truth? There was no working quarry.

Fran Leyman

Hall Quarry

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