To the Editor:

Nurses are in a unique position to educate legislators about the complexities of the health care system. A legislator who is a nurse, one of the most trusted professions, brings that experience directly to change policies and shape the future of health care in our state.

Moira O’Neill is that nurse. She is running for the Maine State Senate in District 7, most of Hancock County.

According to the National League for Nursing website, there are four core values that guide the profession: “caring, integrity, diversity and excellence.” These days, voters I know are looking for the same values in our state leadership.

Dealing with the complicated health care environment requires an individual with the intellect, commitment, energy and the core values to identify problems and stick to the work of solving them. I submit that O’Neill has all the skills, intellect and principles needed to be successful to represent us well in the Maine State Senate.

I urge you to join me in voting for Moira O’Neill in November.

Mary Cahoon


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