Protests ‘pot bars’

To the Editor:

I am writing with reference to Tremont Town Manager Dana Reed’s comments in last week’s Islander.

During a recent meeting of the League of Towns board, at which there was a discussion of the regulation of cannabis businesses on Mount Desert Island, Reed described “social clubs,” a category of cannabis business licenses, as “basically bars for smoking pot.”

Reed obviously has not reviewed Measure One, which passed in November 2017, and which passed by a large majority on MDI. The constraints for social clubs are as follows: no patron can bring cannabis into a social club, nor can they take cannabis out. And social clubs cannot serve either alcohol or tobacco.

Other than these two rules, social clubs can take on a large variety of formats and are not limited to “bars for smoking pot,” as Reed describes them.

I would like to present here just three of the business models that have been presented to me, a cannabis business attorney. They include a spa utilizing cannabis-based body products, a high-end supper club featuring meals prepared by a professionally trained cannabis chef and a schooner offering “cannabis cruises.” All of these models are a far cry from “pot bars.”

Lynne Williams

Bar Harbor

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