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To the Editor:

I am writing to clarify an inaccuracy in a previous issue of the Islander. Friends of Frenchman Bay did not gather the signatures for Article 13, which will appear on the ballot for the June 13 municipal election.

Friends of Frenchman Bay is an organically formed regional association of people living in Lamoine, Gouldsboro, Sullivan, Hancock, Mount Desert Island, towns around the bay, who have come together in alarm regarding the concept of an immense cruise ship pier and Port Authority in the bay that we all share and love.

The primary mission of Friends of Frenchman Bay is to advocate and educate for the preservation of Frenchman Bay and the islands and land that surround it. Frenchman Bay has a unique natural, cultural, and scenic value that is unmatched on the Eastern seaboard. Without both advocacy and education, the treasure that is Frenchman Bay cannot be preserved.

Acadia National Park, which sits on both the east and west side of Frenchman Bay, is a place of unparalleled natural beauty. Friends of Frenchman Bay is dedicated to weaving the entire Bay community together in a mission to preserve these natural, cultural and historic treasures. To that end, Friends of Frenchman Bay is committed to working with other Friends groups that surround the bay because only by working together can we preserve the bay and its surroundings and move towards a sustainable economy.

The main concerns of Friends of Frenchman Bay are increased air pollution from any increase in ship visits, increased potential for bay pollution and light pollution from such a structure. A cruise ship pier would be too big for Frenchman Bay and threaten the environment on many levels. To us, this is not a political issue, it is an environmental issue.

For myself, I have a deep connection to Frenchman Bay and the shore of Hancock, as I was born here, in my parents’ home, upstairs in the bedroom to the right, 57 years ago.

Renata Reich Moise

Friends of Frenchman Bay


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