Protect oceans

To the Editor:

This week, the government voted to continue government funding until Feb. 8. At this time, funding for the EPA could be cut by the 30 percent President Trump proposed last September.

We need full funding for the EPA so that it can continue to protect Maine’s coasts and oceans. Maine has over 3,000 miles of coast and more than 4,000 offshore islands. Maine’s coasts and oceans are essential to Maine’s economy, from the tourism revenue to the fishing industry. Whale watching, sailing and relaxing on Maine’s beautiful beaches are just a few benefits a clean coast and ocean give Mainers.

The EPA helps to protect Maine’s coasts and oceans by working to restore habitats like salt marshes and fish passages, addressing coastal acidification and providing community education about the importance of Maine’s water. The threats of climate change draw attention to the fact that we need more funding going toward protecting our environment, not less. For the benefit of Maine industry, we must make sure this does not happen.

We are asking Sens. Collins and King to vote to fully fund the EPA so that it can continue to work to protect Maine’s coasts and benefit Mainers and our economy.

Jacqueline Guyol


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