Protect Medicare

To the Editor:

Without Medicare, I almost certainly would be bankrupt, perhaps dead. I’m no different than hundreds of thousands of Mainers who have paid into this uniquely effective health insurance system for all our working lives. But that lifetime of commitment is being threatened in ways which will deny us the benefits we have earned.

Despite President Donald Trump’s assurances during his campaign that he would “protect and save your Social Security and your Medicare. You made a deal a long time ago,” Republican leaders in Congress are pushing ahead with their long-simmering proposal to turn Medicare into a “premium support program.”

That really means they intend to create a voucher system, a scheme that would be the end of guaranteed health insurance coverage for American seniors, replaced by a private system that will not cover the costs of health care.

That’s why AARP is launching a full-scale effort to protect the benefits we’ve all worked for, and we will need the help and support of everyone. We will be telling Congress that turning Medicare into a private voucher system will not be tolerated. We will be supporting our 230,000 members here in Maine who also are concerned about their own health care, and that of their families. Our voices must be heard – sign petitions, call or write your senators and member of Congress, make sure your friends and family know what’s at stake.

This is the most serious threat to the health and financial security of seniors ever. There is no time to waste. Please help us protect what we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Rich Livingston

AARP Maine President


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