Progress anything but

To the Editor:

The op-ed column by Sen. Brian Langley and Rep. Brian Hubbell titled “Progress” in a recent issue of the Mount Desert Islander is seriously misleading in at least two respects.

First, it implies that those who oppose the building of a mega-pier and berthing mega-cruise ships at the former Bluenose terminal in Bar Harbor are “out-of-staters”! Sorry. We are citizens of Bar Harbor who live here full-time and participate in meetings in person just like in a real democracy.

Second, the piece fails to mention the predictably negative effects of a mega-pier and mega-cruise ships on the image of Bar Harbor and of Acadia National Park.

Such images are seen through the eyes of tourists who drive here. Their views of Bar Island from Rte. 3 in Hulls Cove or from the Bluffs will be permanently obliterated by a mega-pier.

Tourists driving here all the way from Boston and New York City will be discouraged to see just another mega-cruise ship port, with a colossal ship or two, instead of what they had been led to expect as an idyllic view of the park and Porcupine Islands.

Such tourists represent the great bulk of visitors. They already fill the sidewalks of town to capacity. They purchase major meals here and stay at local B&Bs and hotels. Cruise ship visitors do neither.

Article 12 is not “progress” for town residents or for the park. Moreover, according to Langley and Hubbell’s op-ed, Article 12 specifically states that the state will not allow the town of Bar Harbor to restrict what the state wants to do with this property, or they will cancel their purchase offer to Bar Harbor.

Our choices are give the state the right to build whatever it wants at the ferry terminal now or give it to them at a second referendum at a later date.

Those choices are not acceptable.

Gary W. Conrad

Bar Harbor


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