Primary elections

To the Editor:

In a special session this fall, the Maine Legislature will be reconsidering the ranked-choice voting law, including whether or not to delay or repeal the law. It’s important to realize that this voting system does not conflict with the state constitution in federal or state primary elections. In fact, the State Supreme Court only suggested legal conflicts for three of the 10 elections covered by ranked choice voting: general elections for governor, state senate, and state house.

I believe that we can and should move forward with implementing the ranked-choice voting law for the June 2018 primaries. We already have at least 13 announced candidates for governor. Could you imagine a primary in this circumstance without ranked-choice voting? It is likely that nominees from both major parties would receive well under 50 percent of the vote in crowded fields. Let’s make sure it never comes to that.

I hope you will take the time to email or call your state representatives and senators, and urge them to support the implementation of ranked-choice voting, not to delay or repeal it. Voters knew what they wanted and what was at stake when they backed this reform with the second largest “yes” vote on a referendum in Maine’s history.

Judith Swazey

Bar Harbor

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