Presidential traditions

To the Editor:

I would like to remind these many prognosticators regarding the Trump debacle that built into the human anatomy is the possibility to make mistakes.

I suggest that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a mistress, much to Eleanor’s chagrin, for much of his adult life. President Dwight D. Eisenhower traveled all over Europe with his mistress driving his car. President John F. Kennedy certainly enjoyed the company of many a luscious creature, and President Bill Clinton has had quiet a trip!

The point being that many a male animal has strayed when he really shouldn’t have. And don’t you imagine that many of the millions of divorces have occurred as a result of a wandering eye?

Illicit behavior takes place because it’s a human failing that just happens. Donald Trump may have gone off course a time or two, but I’m going to vote for him because Hillary Clinton, and her lying, is at least 10 times worse than “The Donald.”

Let’s make America great again!

Peter T. Benson III

Southwest Harbor

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