Preserving waterfront

To the Editor:

Do people only want to have cruise ships offload passengers in Bar Harbor with tenders instead of being able to tie up to a dock?

Why? Where do people want them to offload?

The citizen initiative petition caps passengers coming off ships at the current level. Would it not be safer to have people get on and off a ship at a pier that is not moving up and down on the waves?

So what ideas do cruise ship opponents have that would help spread people around so it doesn’t seem as though all the cruise ship people are standing and walking on Main Street at the same time? We all know that everyone there isn’t from ships even though there are a lot of people in summer.

I believe the petition also limits the length of ships using the ferry terminal to 300 feet. That is a lot less than the ships and ferries that have used it in the past.

I’ve heard that some hotel companies close to the ferry terminal would like to buy that property and might be willing to pay more than the town if we, can’t get it together and preserve it for public use.

I don’t think that the town is ever going to get another prime waterfront property that can pay for itself like this one will. It will help provide revenue to cover taxpayer support of the Jesup, the Y’s, town sewer and water projects, school rebuilds, road and bike lane improvements, etc.

We need to get this property.

If we have concerns over pier length and the number of passengers, let’s talk about it.

If people worry the pier might be an obstruction to fishing and navigation let’s ask the Harbor Committee, the Marine Resources Committee and all the fishermen from our harbor. That question eventually will be addressed during permitting by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the Bureau of Public Lands that has to issue a submerged lands lease.

Let’s start asking questions, share numbers, debate and get this proposed marine terminal project moving ahead.

Ed Damm

Bar Harbor


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