Precipice dangers

To the Editor:

The recent fall of an Acadia National Park visitor this past week on the Precipice Trail brought to mind my husband’s accident, also on Precipice. This was in the late 1980s, long before cell phones. This recent incident brought to mind my angst when he did not return home as scheduled.

He fell while climbing to photograph the Bluenose ferry as it passed the Porcupine Islands on its way out of Bar Harbor. Assuming a granite step was as secure as the others he had just used, he stepped on it, fell backwards and slid on his back, also 15 feet, down the rocks beneath him.

His arm was badly cut and bleeding profusely, along with multiple scratches, bruises and torn jeans. Fortunately, his wallet helped to pad some of the possible injuries. It ended up shredded, as were his jeans. He used a handkerchief to bind his wounds after cleaning them. When the bleeding ceased, he reassessed his situation and decided he was okay to fetch his Hasselblad camera and tripod from where they were, and the camera bag had landed below him.

The wide-angle lens on the camera was toast. He then checked out the camera with a longer lens, and it seemed to be working. He found a safer way to get to the spot to get the image he had in mind. It worked, and the shot became another one of his published post cards. Later, the wide-angle lens was repaired by Hasselblad.

His arm bore those large scars of that Precipice fall until his death in 2010.

Marjorie Monteleon

Southwest Harbor


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