Power lines

Last week’s windstorm created a set of “haves” and the “have-nots” in our communities having nothing to do with household wealth or income. Many on Mount Desert Island were without power for the whole week. A few Emera customers in Hancock County still were without power Monday morning.

It’s always a good idea to report outages to ensure that the company is working from an accurate list. Some MDI residents saw their streets disappear from the outage list online and their neighbors’ lights come back on, while they were still without. A few even put out hand-painted signs near the mailbox to let crews arriving in the neighborhood know they needed help.

Homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies may cover damage from power outages, sometimes even spoiled food from freezers. Documenting the damage and keeping records of estimates for repairs and cleanup will help. The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program administered by the state Department of Health and Human Services offers supplemental benefits to program recipients who lost food in power outages. Cell phone providers sometimes waive fees for data overages on mobile devices when regular internet service is down.

To help those without power, homes and businesses with power offered showers, phone or computer charging, freezer space, the loan of a generator. Accepting such help is not easy for Mainers who pride themselves on providing for themselves. But in the end, the give-and-take builds an ever-stronger community.

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