Postal gloom continued

To the Editor:

We on Swans Island and Frenchboro agree with Albert Buswell in “Longing for the old days” concerning our mail delivery.

For 60-plus years, the Hopkins family has faithfully brought freight for our stores and businesses, medicines from Carroll Drug (at no charge) and the U.S. Mail on the Maine State Ferry from Bass Harbor.

Apparently, the Postal Service has a new sheriff in town, to quote Buswell, “an uncaring, robotic, efficient bureaucrat, gleefully slapping yellow tags on envelopes.”

The new sheriff has apparently squeezed out or dismissed Mr. Hopkins from the U.S. Postal Service, for reasons unclear, ranging from “you cannot carry the mail in your vehicle with any other freight” to “you did not deliver the mail at the allotted time.” In the mean time, two boats are involved in getting the mail to us, and they are not always on time.

Meanwhile, Hopkins continues to faithfully deliver freight and medicine to us. Thank you, L.J.!

We worry that he cannot make a go of it without the mail contract, and we are certain the as-yet-unnamed new mail carrier will have a long learning curve.

New sheriff, back off, and give us our loyal, much-loved mail carrier back!

Les Ranquist

Swans Island

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