Port authority

To the Editor:

At first read of Gary Conrad’s letter in last week’s paper, my initial reaction was that he was engaging in more misinformation, like we’ve seen in abundance during this ferry terminal debate.

However, after thinking about it and reading his letter again, I am convinced that he just doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. Everything I said in support for our own port authority was based on fact not uninformed assumptions.

A Bar Harbor Port Authority would be our own entity, and as such, any bonding that may occur would be its responsibility with no participation from the state. Let me make this clear, the state would have no control over what the town and our port authority decide to do with this property.

I would suggest that Conrad read the pending legislation before making claims that simply are not true. The only thing the state has control over is the legislation that will allow us to establish a port authority. Once that legislation is passed, it will still be up to the town to establish it. Once established, the town will elect three of the five members of the board, the remaining two will be appointed by our Town Council.

With guidance from the council, the port authority then could proceed to develop the site and operate the facility, removing the financial burden of both from Bar Harbor taxpayers. Facts.

Rob Jordan

Bar Harbor

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