Poor plan

To the Editor:

The Bar Harbor Town Council is set to decide at the April 19 meeting whether to institute a “pay as you throw” garbage disposal system. As a resident, I feel this fee is extremely shortsighted.

Having participated in spring roadside cleanups for the last 16 years, I predict instead of picking up bottles and cans and hauling litter out of the woods every April, we will be rolling bags out of the ditches and pulling contractor sacks out of the woods.

It’s already convenient to throw some trash out of vehicles, and now people will be financially motivated to toss out the whole bags in the dark sections of roads and blind corners.

I imagine this system may work in a more urban area, with lighted streets and an ever-present population. But in our beautifully dark rural community, every small road, pull off, bluff, vista, cliff and overview will take the brunt of whole trash bags pitched by opportunists.

While calculating the savings of this plan, was it taken into consideration the cost of paying the department of transportation workers to scale dangerous terrain to clean up the mess on regular intervals?

Was Acadia National Park, which graces much of this town, taken into consideration when this was planned? Surely, the quietest parts of the park will be used as trash depositories of convenience. How much does the park save to wrangle all that waste?

I don’t think this plan was well thought out.

Mike Staggs

Bar Harbor


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