Polio is personal

To the Editor:

As the wife of a polio victim, I was happy to read the article last week, “Giving polio the finger.” Thank you again, MDI Rotary.

My husband, Robert Wayne Stanley, contracted polio when he was a young boy. It wasn’t long into our marriage, when at age 30, he had to give up boatbuilding in Southwest Harbor do to overwhelming tiredness and fatigue.

It took at least 15 years to diagnose his illness, with doctors calling it ALS then MS.

At 73 years of age, we are struggling together with what post-polio syndrome has done and still continues to do to every muscle in his body.

As Lisa Clark stated, her uncle suffered from this disease, and Rotary is hoping to eliminate this polio from the world.

It also has been very personal to us and our daughter growing up seeing this. I am very grateful for the Rotary once again giving polio the recognition it deserves.

Lois Stanley

Bar Harbor

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