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To the Editor:

Voters in May will have the opportunity to express their views on the source of police coverage for the town of Tremont.

At the moment, the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office and Maine State Police are responsible for covering the town while a separate contract is paid by Tremont to Hancock County for additional hours.

The town of Southwest Harbor made a very reasonable offer in December, in both content and cost, to provide police coverage to Tremont. The offer provides the potential for much quicker response times, local dispatching, community policing, shifts that are less obvious or predictable by those seeking to evade that law, and more.

The 2017 Southwest Harbor Police Department is a vibrant and professional police force guided by an energetic chief who understands both communities.

Sometimes collaborations between towns make good sense, and sometimes they don’t. I believe that Tremont contracting its police services from neighboring Southwest Harbor is a good thing for both towns at this time.

The Hancock County deputies have done a solid job over the years, but when there is a domestic situation, drug overdose, intruder in the yard, etc., a quick response from officers based nearby can make all the difference. The cost is very reasonable, the professionalism is there, and with the support of voters and selectmen, the town of Tremont can have locally based, regular police coverage.

Please express your views at the ballot box either way so that Tremont gets the type of police coverage that its voters truly want.

Scott Grierson

Bass Harbor

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