Plantation economy

To the Editor:

With the recent passage of the Trump-Collins tax cut for corporations and the very rich, it has become painfully obvious that the Republican economic policy of trickle-down economics has been ramped up to higher levels than ever before.

We all know how this story will end. Income inequality will continue to increase, and the wealth and capital accumulation of an elite few will rise dramatically.

As I sit here in Charleston, S.C., I am reminded of the plantation economy which stole the labor of millions of enslaved Africans. I reflect upon how they were beaten unmercifully in order to increase cotton production, how they were denied their honor and human dignity and how one of the largest transfers of wealth from poor to rich was condoned by a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant male elite. This story of greed is a history we are all familiar with, and so I hope we will act quickly to reverse course in order to avoid another calamity.

The poor, the working class and the middle class are current day slaves. We are poorly compensated for our toil. The vast majority of profits goes to corporate officers and a small group of shareholders far beyond what they deserve. This American capitalistic model has no room for compassion or equity or fairness. Our capitalistic economy is driven by money and a desire for more.

The average Jane cannot make ends meet when she is denied full-time employment with benefits just so the corporation can save some money. A life of two or three part-time jobs is now becoming the norm. Labor unions are destroyed in order to prevent a united front of workers demanding a living wage with health care and pensions in order to live in dignity.

I don’t see how this economic model can survive where a few feast on the rest. Today, one half of Americans own nothing and are in debt. That number will only grow under this Trump-Collins tax law. We can and must do better. I’m open to suggestions, but I’m sure the solution begins with us having an open and loving heart. We cannot allow an immoral economic system to destroy the fabric of our nation. Peace.

Tom Walker

Mount Desert


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