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To the Editor:

In the coming months, the Maine Legislature will again consider the ranked-choice voting law passed by referendum last fall. There are some misunderstandings about this issue. First, the court never said that the entire law is unconstitutional. Only three of the 10 races in the law were deemed problematic. The five primary elections and general elections for U.S. House and Senate are not affected.

The other misconception is that by keeping ranked-choice voting for these seven races, we would suddenly then have two types of ballots which would be “confusing.” Not true, because there would be two types of ballots anyway since the ranked-choice voting law, as approved by the people, does not include local and presidential elections. And ranked-choice voting is simple. In Portland and many other places around the country and the world, it is used for some elections alongside traditional ballots that are used for others, and people have no problems at all with this.

Ranked-choice voting is an easy, nonpartisan election reform that gives voters more choice and more voice, and it brings us election results much closer to the actual will of the voters.

Please urge your legislators to support the will of Maine voters and maintain ranked-choice voting for the seven elections not affected by the court opinion. Urge them to implement it for 2018 and, in time, to support a one-word change to the Maine constitution which would solve the constitutional matter.

Ron Bilancia


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