Partisan ferment

To the Editor:

Coming back from my mailbox today with my copy of the Mount Desert Islander, I was surprised at how heavy the newspaper was.

It was only after I opened my copy and began to read did I realize the source of all that extra weight. The pages were soaked with crocodile tears from opinion page contributor Jack Russell!

Russell’s opinion piece “Obama, Trump and America” was heavy on partisan discontent yet light on the spirit of cooperation and common cause that he pretends to value so highly.

Republican disagreements are amplified: “The GOP cannot compose its tensions.” While the very fractious nature that cost Democrats the election is downplayed: “The Democratic party is in creative ferment.”

One legitimately questions why Russell didn’t further characterize disagreement among Democrats as “pleasantly fragrant.”

Democrats lost the White House, and the Republicans enjoy comfortable majorities in the House and Senate, as well as state governments nationwide. This is a simple fact. We can now come together as a nation and work for America’s betterment, or we can stew in our partisan “ferment” and remain divided.

The choice is ours to make.

Jeff Woehrle

Mount Pocono, Pa.

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