Parking fiction

To the Editor:

Well, so much for the recommended paid parking solution for Bar Harbor that was shot down at town meeting this year. Kudos to the Parking Solutions Committee for your time-consuming and thoughtful work over the past couple of years.

Don’t despair. There is hope for the future! Maybe after many generations of future Bar Harbor residents serving on future Parking Solutions Committees having their findings voted down time after time at town meeting, it will finally succeed.

Perhaps, just maybe, the combined genetic knowledge acquired by generations of committee members through millions of discussions about how to solve Bar Harbor’s parking problems will be handed down from generation to generation to a point that the majority of the citizens attending this future town meeting will be genetically predisposed to passing a solution.

Maybe this is science fiction. But I believe that someday it will happen.

Jefferson G. Dobbs

2002 Parking Solution Member

Bar Harbor

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