Paradis a positive force

To the Editor:

Speaking from experience, I strongly support re-election of Paul Paradis to the Bar Harbor Town Council.

Paradis has been chair of the Town Council during my tenure as a councilor, and he served as chair of the Cruise Ship Committee during my six-year appointment.

Paradis does his homework. He understands issues, invites discussion, keeps exchanges on point and thoughtfully guides follow-up to achieve resolution. His business acumen repeatedly benefits the town, weighing costs versus settlement on the many projects considered by Town Council and Cruise Ship Committee.

He understands the need to promote a healthy climate for business and create opportunities to retain younger workers. His family hardware store is central to the well-being of Bar Harbor.

The town of Bar Harbor has progressed from Paradis’ perseverance working with the legislature and Maine Department of Transportation on the Ferry Terminal acquisition, its repurposing for cruise ship docking, recreation, fishing and alleviating traffic congestion.

He has been an active proponent of bringing together the police and fire departments on the island. This has helped to conserve resources, broaden police and fire coverage and decrease response times. Paradis is agile when moving challenging projects forward. He knows when to build consensus and when to gather additional information.

Paul Paradis is a dedicated and positive force in serving the town of Bar Harbor. He has my respect. He will have my vote.

Anne R. Greenlee

Bar Harbor

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