• Letter to Editor: In support of Question 1

    To the Editor: My mother was in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation facilities the last years of her life. When she would come home, my brothers and I would take turns living with her to reacquaint her with her own house. The only public home-care service she qualified for consisted of a few hours

  • Letter to Editor: Hayes for Governor

    To the Editor: As a voter who is politically moderate and both appalled and saddened by the extremism and divisiveness in our political landscape, I have many reasons for encouraging people to support Terry Hayes, a Clean Elections and Independent candidate for governor, in our Nov. 6 election. Terry, who was born and raised in

  • Letter to Editor: Recognizing struggles

    Last Saturday, I had just ordered breakfast at 2Cats when I overheard a 30ish couple nearby say what a neat idea it was to turn an old house into a restaurant. As I am wont to do, I asked the couple where they were from. The young man responded that they were from Arizona and

  • Letter to Editor: Support for Ringelstein

    To the Editor: I like Angus King. I’ve been supporting Angus for years, contributing to his campaigns and feeling proud that Maine had such a thoughtful, independent Senator. That is, until I heard that he had introduced a bill that favored the oil and gas industry. I was appalled! Fast-tracking dangerous pipelines to run through

  • Letter to the Editor: Pig in a poke

    To the Editor: Having seen the proposed lease negotiated by our town manager between the Town of Bar Harbor and Atlantic Fleet Services Corporation, I trust that the Bar Harbor Town Council will study this document carefully because it contains a number of unexpected elements. First, many of us thought that the town would be

  • State of Maine: Chatter at the transfer station

    On we go with legislative candidates. In House District 137, Republican Larry Lockman (Amherst) is being challenged by Democrat Doug Bunker (Franklin). An avowed conservative, Lockman is no stranger to controversy based on his views about women, abortion, gays and immigrants. Those views, and the language he uses to support them, have been sufficiently extreme

  • Editorial: Looking for fairness

    Maine’s school funding formula, though flawed, is generally regarded as the best method for determining equitable distribution of state support. The method uses property valuation to determine a community’s wealth. Fair enough, one might say. The higher the valuation, the reasoning goes, the better the likelihood that a community can fund education through local property

  • Editorial: Worth a shot

    Two trends help explain the lack of affordable housing on Mount Desert Island. One is the growth of short-term vacation rentals. The other is the phenomenon of large employers buying apartments and other buildings for seasonal employee housing. Acadia National Park’s recently announced plan to partner with a private developer to build, on federal land,

  • Community Forum: Speaking truth and humanity

    by Caroline Pryor   Last week, I hit the wall in the marathon of resistance against the political civil war underway in our country. President Donald Trump, who has 19 counts of sexual misconduct to his name, to date, leads the charge. The sexual assault testimony of Blasey Ford sickened me, as did the combative,

  • Letter to Editor: Caution urged on ferry lease

    To the Editor: We expect a lot of our town councilors, but we should not expect them to have the skills of a corporate lawyer. Thus, the councilors had understandable difficulty in analyzing the lease that Bay Ferries has proposed for signature by Atlantic Fleet Services (“Atlantic”) and the town. When one councilor asked Bay