• Letter to the Editor: Checks and balances

    To the Editor: The Islander’s editorial of Aug. 16 reflects a basic misunderstanding of our constitutional form of government. The right to petition is enshrined in the First Amendment, which is 29 years older than the State of Maine itself. The First Amendment protects the freedom of the press and the right of the people

  • Letter to the Editor: Healthcare is complicated

    To the Editor: Recently the Maine Republican Party attacked Jared Golden, falsely claiming he wished to turn the United States’ healthcare system into a government run system like Britain’s. This is incorrect; his positions favor gradual expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to cover increasing groups of our citizens. This will not only provide people with

  • Letter to the Editor: Brooke Astor

    To the Editor: In response to the narrative in Viewpoint submitted last week by Philip Marshall about elder abuse and financial exploitation of Brooke Astor by his father, the truth needs to be told. A petition taking away Anthony Marshall’s long-held power of attorney and executorship of his mother’s Will was filed in NY Supreme

  • Letter to the Editor: Golden and health care

    To the Editor: How many of the folks you know — friends, family, neighbors — find getting necessary health care a worrying and all too often impossible task? Basic primary care for adults and children is simply denied those who do not have health insurance and cannot afford the high cost of medical care. Many

  • Letter to the Editor: Freedom of the press

    To the Editor: Thomas Jefferson observed: “a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” The press is essential to inform the people and censure a government out of control. Although there may always be outliers, the press has met its responsibilities faithfully and with

  • Letter to Editor: Support for Luchini

    To the Editor: For the past eight years, Ellsworth and Trenton residents have been ably represented by State Rep. Louis Luchini of Ellsworth. Now, voters in Senate District 7, which includes most towns in Hancock County, will have the opportunity to elect Luchini as their representative to the Maine State Senate. For the past six

  • Letter to the Editor: Internet is wide open

    To the Editor: The antics of Cambridge Analytica in the last election should be no surprise. The Internet is designed to be a totally open communication system. It is essentially a computerization of the protocols refined by the Navy’s relay station on Oahu during WW II. Its development was (and is) done with broadside messages

  • Editorial: Cost of subsidies

    Ask Maine wild blueberry farmers about this year’s crop and their forlorn response tells the story of an industry under heavy stress. Field prices have been abysmal over the past two years, only 27 cents a pound last year, causing many small blueberry farmers to stop harvesting and let their fields go fallow. What else

  • Editorial: Direct democracy?

    In Mount Desert and in Bar Harbor this year, local residents have endeavored to move town policy by way of the citizen initiative process available under the towns’ charters. Like the statewide ballot initiatives that have languished in Augusta for want of agreement on how to implement them, these initiatives have understandable goals. But, also