• Viewpoint: My racial profile

    By Todd Nelson   It’s taken me my whole life (well, not yet) to realize that I am white. That is, that I am of a particular race. Getting beyond the philosophical or theoretical, it’s the granularity of experience that has given me understanding. Somehow, I’ve been “passing” all these years. I simply thought I

  • Letter to Editor: Winter kindness

    To the Editor: There are so many reasons I love living in Maine — the granite outcrops, the spruce-lined hiking trails, wild creatures that wander across my yard from time to time, the ocean breezes and cool temps. Today I am reminded of the best reason: its people. After the recent snow when my road

  • Letter to Editor: Go slow on solar

    To the Editor: Concerning the editorial on “Solar struggles” of Feb. 7, I think there are some additional comments to be made concerning A Climate to Thrive’s efforts and “success” in solarizing MDI. The editorial addresses concerns for fair pricing of electrical power, and to some extent the impact of solar on the cost, when

  • Letter to Editor: Caring health care

    To the Editor: I want to take the opportunity to thank the wonderful doctors, caregivers and support staff at your Mount Desert Island Hospital that my son enjoyed (yes, “enjoyed”) this past week. It was especially appreciated because no family member was able to visit. Telephone calls sufficed. He was always upbeat and grateful. Tucked

  • Letter to Editor: Protecting tax refunds

    To the Editor: In January 2015, Rick Zaccaro and Bonnie Washuk, a married couple here in Maine, filed their federal income taxes. Rick, a retired financial analyst for the Postal Service, checked the status of their return online in early February and learned that they were the victims of identity theft. Someone had filed and

  • Letter to Editor: Cursive counterpoint

    To the Editor: Proponents of cursive handwriting, as a rule, either do not know or do not care whether their quoted sources inaccurately reflect the research. For example, in a letter published in last week’s Islander, state Rep. Heidi Sampson bases many of her statements about handwriting on the words of William Klemm, a specialist

  • Caucus system is outmoded

    Ellsworth State Sen. Louie Luchini has submitted a bill, LD 245, to establish presidential primaries in Maine. It’s a good idea, though not a new one. A bill to replace party caucuses with presidential primaries was approved by both houses of the legislature three years ago and signed by Governor Paul LePage. But that legislature,

  • Collateral damage

    As reported on this week’s Maritime page, a Stonington-based lobster buyer and shipper is building a good-sized processing plant in Bucksport. That operation will create many new jobs in a town that could use such a boost. Greenhead Lobster owner Hugh Reynolds is expanding the processing side of the business, which should be up and

  • State of Maine: Budget proposal draws fire

    It was a workmanlike beginning to the 129th Legislature. Bills were drafted, printed and assigned to committees. Hearings were scheduled. The House and Senate met now and again, processing mostly routine matters. Athletes, retirees and the city of Auburn were congratulated. A bill to “Exclude Antique Tractors from the Laws Governing Motor Vehicle Racing” was

  • Viewpoint: Good decisions require good intelligence

    By Senator Angus King   I’ve served as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee for the last six years, and over that time I’ve reached two vital conclusions. First: we live in a complex world, filled with a wide range of threats to America’s national security. And second: