• Community Forum: Hear what Kavanaugh has to say

    In 1977, in my capacity as police reporter for The Berkshire Eagle, I covered a big murder trial. The Berkshire Eagle, still published in Pittsfield, Mass., focused on local news, much as we do at the Islander and The Ellsworth American. As is so often the case with New England communities, many of the towns

  • Letter to the Editor: Support for Grohoski

    To the Editor: I am supporting Nicole Grohoski as the Democratic candidate for representative serving Ellsworth and Trenton. Nicole was one of my students for six years in the Ellsworth School System, She is still that intelligent, hard worker who embraces any challenge with a positive attitude. As a member of an Odyssey of the

  • Letter to the Editor: Oil spill thanks

    To the Editor: I want to publicly thank the agencies and manpower who assisted with the clean up at Seal Harbor Parking Lot on Tuesday morning, July 24. The gasoline tank of my F250 sustained damage when its straps broke. I am very grateful to all of the following. Rob Alison, the Seal Harbor public

  • Letter to the Editor: What’s in a name?

    To the Editor: I wish to congratulate reporter Sarah Hinckley on her excellent, well-researched article on the correct spelling of Swan’s Island in the Aug. 9 edition of the Islander. I’m sure most of my fellow islanders are appreciative as well. I also thank and respect the editorial staff for its decision to use the

  • Letter to the Editor: Misleader in chief

    To the Editor: As candidate and president, Donald Trump has waged an increasingly shrill campaign to brand the American free press as purveyors of “fake news” and “enemies of the people.” We see his conduct as the classic gestures of a political misleader building a reactionary base. Thus we [were] heartened by the initiative of

  • Letter to the Editor: Value of a free press

    To the Editor: About a week before the Boston Globe called for a nationwide response to the flagrant attacks on the press, I was sent notification of this call for action, and forwarded this alert to the Islander, in case they had not received it from other sources. When the paper came out the following

  • Community Forum: Action for the next generation

    Whenever I’m on the road, I always try to look out the window. In all the years I’ve been alive, I’ve found that there’s always something beautiful or interesting to see, so long as I just look out. On Mount Desert Island, it’s usually big, rolling mountains, or evergreen forests that stretch for miles, or

  • State of Maine: Question 1 debate begins

    The sleeping giant that is Augusta emitted some rumbles in the past week. Bolstered by the court decision that said the Ethics Committee could proceed with releasing Clean Elections funds to qualified candidates despite the governor’s refusal to issue executive orders to that effect, the Ethics Committee also agreed to issue another funding round held