• State of Maine: Too many commissions?

    Somebody flipped the switch last weekend and the tourists arrived. Never mind the snow on Cadillac Mountain, the brisk winds battering the newborn leaves or the proliferation of wooly hats. People from away are here. A brave little hummingbird buzzed through the daffodils, hoping for just a drop of nectar to keep those teensy wings

  • Capitol Commentary: Founders would be disappointed

    By Fred Benson   Standing at the desk in James Madison’s home library recently, a glance out the window yielded a picture of the same verdant fields of springtime Virginia and the tall peaks of the Shenandoah Mountains that he viewed. On the desk before me were copies of his drafts of the articles debated

  • Letter to Editor: Guest parking

    I am writing to express my outrage and blindsided befuddlement in response to one particular aspect of the new parking ordinance in town. I live here year-round and have many personal guests that I love to entertain, whether it be for a cup of coffee, a dinner, or an overnight guest. People stop by to

  • Letter to Editor: A stalwart supporter

    To the Editor: Lee passed away recently and left behind an important legacy for Camp Beech Cliff and our community. When I arrived fourteen years ago, Lee Patterson was a central figure at the Camp. As the Camp was re-established in the mid-1990’s, he was a founding member who served as co-chair of the board

  • Letter to Editor: Solar restrictions

    To the Editor: Just about five months ago, Downeast Community Partners (DCP), working with Revision Energy, completed a solar array that will provide power to nine of our buildings and over time will allow us to put more money into programs and less into paying utility bills. When we first looked into building the array,

  • Letter to Editor: Real stakeholders

    To the Editor: I urge all Bar Harbor citizens to vote yes on Article 4. Bar Harbor is a community of wonderful people who value local control. Local control works well for us as shown by the demonstrated excellence of our local schools. This excellence is achieved by our students, parents, families and neighbors all

  • Letter to Editor: A forever friend

    To the Editor: I wish to express my deepest gratitude for Lee Patterson’s service to Camp Beech Cliff. Lee joined in the adventure of Camp early on, when it was just a dream. I am not sure as to how he heard about those early meetings that met once a month. It took some time

  • Editorial: Open primaries, yes

    Maine is a national leader when it comes to the way it runs its elections. Programs such as same-day voter registration, Clean Elections public financing and a paper record of every vote that can be relied on in the event of a recount put our state in the forefront of making sure all voters have

  • Editorial: Render unto Caesar

    In January 2018, in the midst of a severe flu season, the Catholic Diocese of Maine instituted protocols to impede the spread. Parishioners with flu symptoms were asked to stay home. For them, the Sunday Mass obligation was lifted. The communion ritual was changed to reduce touching. Shaking hands during the Sign of Peace interval