• Letter to Editor: A rare opportunity

    To the Editor: In November of 1997, after 50 years of being in one room at the Jesup Memorial Library, the Bar Harbor Historical Society moved to the former St. Edward’s Convent on Ledgelawn Avenue. At that time, we never could’ve imagined being able to fill every room in the building with so many significant

  • Letter to Editor: Commission not needed

    To the Editor: The Islander’s description of the choice voters have to create a Bar Harbor charter commission on Nov. 6 (Articles 2 and 2A) misses the mark. A charter commission does not present individual amendments to the voters which they can individually assess. By state statute, a charter commission completely repeals the old charter

  • Editorial: Mud season

    Politics has long been a contentious activity in America and every other democracy. Opposing sides, fervent in their desire for victory, endeavor to sell their stances, visions and goals to the electorate. Often the candidates talk about their beliefs and experience. But more often, these days, they address the beliefs and experience of their opponents.

  • Editorial: Trust and verify

    The property at 121 Eden Street in Bar Harbor that housed the former ferry terminal has sat idle since 2010. For at least six of the eight years since then, town officials, representatives and residents have been debating what to do about it. Pressing in on the debate from the outside are concerns about overcrowding,

  • Letter to Editor: Support for Pre-K

    To the Editor: No doubt about it, educational funding in Maine, and the nation, is a complex issue. We must educate our children so they are prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and deeply interconnected world. Our investments now will determine the course of prosperity in Maine for generations to come. 69

  • Letter to Editor: Committed to public service

    To the Editor: On Nov. 6 voters in the 2nd Congressional District will elect a congressman to a new two-year term. Currently the office is held by Bruce Poliquin. Since he arrived in Washington four years ago, Poliquin has repeatedly voted against the best interests of voters in the 2nd District, particularly on issues related

  • To the Editor: Legal problems

    To the Editor: I urge Bar Harbor voters to vote No on the combined Article 2 (Charter Commission Creation) and 2A (Election of Charter Commission Members) because of legal problems. Our town charter does not permit election of town officials in November or at any time other than at the Annual Town Meeting on the

  • Letter to Editor: Support for Question 4

    To the Editor: First impressions matter when making college choices. Unfortunately, the quality of the University of Maine System’s facilities does not match the quality and value of the education and opportunities I have found here. If not for USM’s affordability, I would have gone out-of-state for school like so many of my Bonny Eagle

  • Letter to Editor: Not taken for granted

    To the Editor: As I write this, too many voters are losing their right to exercise this fundamental right as an increasing number of states pass voter suppression laws. Because some local politicians are not accessible to their constituents, my vote is my only opportunity to voice my opinion on issues of concern. Too many