• To the Editor: Border policy unconscionable

    To the Editor: I was one of four people of faith arrested at Customs and Border Protection last year. We were arrested for the apparent crime of peacefully attempting to speak with officers of the agency responsible for carrying out the immoral and illegal policy of taking children from their families and putting them in

  • To the Editor: Elder care

    To the Editor: I hope the Islander will continue to report on the Sonogee story. Not only does the closing upend elders, it adversely affects their families and friends who may just drop in for a visit while in town. It’s hard to have an impromptu visit when they’re moved to Ellsworth and beyond. This

  • Letter to Editor: Vaccine mandates

    To the Editor: Next Wednesday, the legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on LD 798, a bill that would remove two of the three exemptions from vaccine requirements for school and other public services, thus making Maine a mandatory vaccine state. Of the present three vaccine exemptions, the extremely restrictive medical

  • Editorial: Home rule

    The towns of Bar Harbor and Mount Desert have been sharing a police chief for the last five-plus years. All signs say the agreement is working well, which is why the towns keep renewing it. An administrative assistant is also shared, and other operational changes have further integrated the departments. Chief Jim Willis has pointed

  • Editorial: Unpopular opinions

    The school shooting in Parkland, Fla. a year ago led to a wave of political activity and debate, especially in and around schools. Students at Mount Desert Island High School were on TV news. On the letters pages of the Islander, many called for changes to gun regulations. Others said some students with a different

  • State of Maine: Budget battles begin

    Snow, rain, freeze. Snow, rain, freeze. Basketball. That about sums up this part of the Maine winter. We are all doing the old person shuffle on the streets and sidewalks, and the actual old persons? Staying at home like the survivors they are. The legislature? Not staying home. Neither rain, nor snow… Well, sometimes snow,

  • Viewpoint: Planning for change on energy

    By Brian Hubbell Maine’s energy systems place our state today at a critical decision point. On one hand, inaction and inertia leads to grave economic disruptions from a sharply changing climate. On the other, an expansion of renewable energy offers real economic opportunity. Technological innovations are propelling neighboring states and provinces to capitalize on the

  • Letter to Editor: Mission transition

    To the Editor: A beautiful, snowy morning on Frenchman Bay seems like the right moment to reflect a little on my first days as president of the Maine Seacoast Mission. My first days have been gloriously filled with stories: how, in 1917, the Sunbeam I first brought dental services to Maine’s coastal island communities, how

  • To the Editor: New Deal a bad deal

    To the Editor: There is an expectation in this republic that the duly elected representatives of the people will represent the people. Not so for the voters of Congressional District 2 (CD2) in the state of Maine. As the freshman representative from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has established herself as the standard bearer of the