• Letter to Editor: Better angels

    To the Editor: What is it loose on the land that allows a member of the legal profession to charge toward the podium while a public official is speaking? What is in the air that a citizen can scream obscenities at a panel member who holds a different view? I am saddened and discouraged by

  • Letter to Editor: Who decides?

    Who should have control over the berthing of large cruise ships, the 4,454 registered voters of Bar Harbor or majority vote of the seven-member Town Council? On June 11 the voters of Bar Harbor will decide whether or not to support ballot question Article 5, which asks whether “An Amendment to the LUZO to Prohibit

  • Letter to Editor: Livable town

    To the Editor: Several years ago when many of us expressed our concerns about the number and size of the cruise ships in our harbor and all the attendant problems, the ecological and environmental crisis was not front and center in the public consciousness. At the present time, though, dealing with this crisis has become

  • Letter to Editor: Committee weighs in

    Perhaps this letter is best begun with an apology for not attending either last Tuesday’s (May 21) Town Council Meeting or Wednesday’s community discussion at the Jesup Memorial Library wherein Citizens’ Initiatives Articles 4 and 5 on the upcoming June 11 ballot, were considered. Please let this letter constitute my input regarding these two initiatives.

  • Letter to Editor: Civil discourse?

    To the Editor: We almost made it. The latest in a series of “civil discourse” meetings got to the closing bell before it blew up. The meetings were initiated last year by Ron Beard and Nina St. Germain. Librarian Ruth Eveland at the Jesup Memorial Library offered to host the events on neutral territory. The

  • Letter to Editor: Losing ground

    To the Editor: I hope that this message to Bar Harbor residents will be received in the best spirit because that is the spirit in which it was written. This is, perhaps, a message of some importance, and it’s about the town we all love. For over seventy years, I have been in Bar Harbor,

  • Letter to Editor: Vote no

    To the Editor: The Bar Harbor Chamber Board of Directors encourages residents to vote no on both Articles 4 and 5 on the June 11 warrant. After careful review of both citizen’s petitions, the chamber believes that they will be a great disservice to the Town of Bar Harbor if enacted. Article 4 creates policy

  • Letter to Editor: Numbers disputed

    To the Editor: In just 15 days, the length of the ferry terminal pier has grown like Pinocchio’s nose if we are to believe some Bar Harbor government officials. On May 7, the Town Council approved a letter to the voters urging them to vote against Article 5 and stating that the “ferry terminal pier

  • Editorial: A chance to be heard

    Members of a committee studying what form a future combined Mount Desert Island middle school should take — were such a school to be created — presented the results of their work last week. Members of the group are hopeful and excited about ways to improve opportunity and equity for students in seventh and eighth

  • Editorial: Planning for pensions

    In the wake of the massive stock market decline of the Great Recession, Governor LePage and the Maine Legislature took steps to improve the financial condition of Maine’s public pension system. By imposing a cap and rate reduction of the cost-of-living adjustment for retired state employees and teachers, the system reduced the amount of the