• Trojan warriors, hats off to you!

    Everyone in the high school building is seen and recognized for who they are. Ask any military leader, business manager, or parent on a family vacation: good morale is no small thing. Pep rallies and fight songs fill a human need for belonging, and knowing we belong helps inspire us to do our best. As

  • Viewpoint Democracy under threat

    Democracy is an unnatural means of social organization. I mean that quite literally. Other social animals, especially primates, organize by forming dominance hierarchies with one dominant ruler atop a pyramidal power structure. Throughout most of history, humans formed the same type of social structures, with kings or dictators at the top and slaves or peasants

  • A happy anniversary

    To the Editor: On Thursday, Aug. 9, Acadia Family Center celebrated our 30th year of operation and our 40th year since our inception as the MDI Drug and Alcohol Group. We wish to thank all who attended that evening for joining us in the summer unveiling our new addition and freshly landscaped grounds. It was

  • Church and state

    To the Editor: Judge Kavanaugh spoke to Senator Collins regarding Roe v. Wade and stated it is settled law, perhaps until he gets on the Supreme Count and the court could possibly unsettle it. Settled law is not the same thing as saying a case was correctly decided. As a judge in a speech to

  • Is it really $20 million?

    To the Editor: “$20.2-million for Bar Harbor in 2016!” screamed the headlines. It was in all the major newspapers up and down the coast of Maine and beyond. But where is all this money? Who is making all this money touted by an economic study the Town of Bar Harbor had done in 2016? I

  • Letter to the Editor: No on Question 1

    To the Editor: Question 1 is the wrong solution to address the needs of Maine people who need home care. First, proponents of Question 1 have written their initiative so that even millionaires and out-of-staters can qualify for home care from the quasi-government program Question 1 would enact. This will create waiting lists for care

  • Editorial: Underground connections

    Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you. That lesson is rearing its head as Tremont selectmen continue to wrestle with what to do about contaminated well water in some parts of the town. Groundwater flows freely across boundary lines. If a water well is too close to a neighbor’s

  • Editorial: In praise of ‘localism’

    The benefits of having an engaged, close-knit community are never far from the minds of Mount Desert Island residents. Knowing citizens have the ability to make meaningful change, as groups have worked to pass ordinances requiring night-sky friendly lighting, rebuild playgrounds with public and private funding and impose reasonable bounds on development and commercial use.

  • State of Maine: A true gentleman

    You have in your hands the last edition of the Mount Desert Islander to be published under the ownership of Alan Baker. He has been owner and publisher of the Ellsworth American since 1991, and founded the Islander in 2001. His retirement is the end of a distinguished career in service to community newspapers and