• Viewpoint: The answer is yes 

    By Beth Ellen Warner  The answer to the question of last week’s front-page article, “Can a town restrict cruise ships,” is a resounding yes, of course we can, absolutely, Bar Harbor can say yes!   Sadly, an atrociously flawed opinion was introduced in the story. It claimed banning certain types of commercial vessels outright would be “considered unconstitutional.” This is not fact. It is merely opinion and entirely erroneous. It was introduced to discourage and sidetrack the majority of citizens in Bar Harbor who stand against the destructive, predatory cruise ship industry. Big cruise ships routinely pollute, are petri dishes for diseases and reduce

  • Viewpoint: Time to bring this to a head 

    By Sean Sweeney   It would be fun to list all the money that out-of-state shorefront property owners are not having to pay this year. I did come across another winner of a $4 million-plus property owned by an out of stater whose taxes didn’t go down with the latest tax assessment. Instead his assessment finally reached the level of what he paid

  • To the Editor: Losing qualified personnel 

    To the Editor:  Dear Bar Harbor Community,  We, the Bar Harbor Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4666, are writing this letter to reach out, inform and clarify to the community several concerns regarding retention and recruitment at the Bar Harbor Fire Department.  Currently, the department is budgeted to staff four full-time firefighters a day, 365 days

  • To the Editor: Doing the right thing 

    To the Editor:  I am a civil rights attorney who has studied admiralty law, litigated admiralty cases in the federal court, extensively briefed the obligations of contracts clause of the Constitution and litigated many constitutional claims in state and federal court. I read with interest Ethan Genter’s article in the Aug. 26 Islander regarding cruise ships in Bar Harbor.  

  • To the Editor: Better way to advocate 

    To the Editor:  Over the past several months, signs opposing the proposed Acadia Wilderness Lodge campground have appeared on many roads on the Quiet Side. Sadly, many have been vandalized or stolen. These events have been reported to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office and the Tremont code enforcement officer.   It is certainly a poor reflection upon the supporters of the

  • To the Editor: MDI’s “white persons” monument  

    To the Editor:   There is a monument in front of Saint Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Church in Northeast Harbor. The title of the plaque on the memorial reads, “FIRST RECORDED LANDING OF WHITE PERSONS ON MT. DESERT ISLAND, MAINE 1613.” The “white persons” referred to were part of a French expedition that, at the invitation of Wabanaki

  • To the Editor: Something is terribly wrong 

    To the Editor:   Hello to the residents of Bar Harbor and the officials of the town of Bar Harbor.     Something is terribly wrong. It concerns this year’s real estate tax bill.    Since the year of 2000, I gladly paid my real estate tax. I fully support the fire department, the police department, all the schools and the fine workers who maintain our infrastructure.    I know

  • To the Editor: Conflicting interests 

    To the Editor:  Thank you for your reporting on the discussion of cruise ships in Bar Harbor by the Town Council.   From your reporting, I learned that Eben Salvatore is both the chairman of the Cruise Ship Committee and also “the chief of operations for the company that provides tendering from cruise ships in town.”   Surely there is

  • Editorial: One wild ride 

    It was back to school for many Hancock County students this week. In an inauspicious start, the national culture clash over mask wearing touched down locally even as COVID cases jumped and hospital officials warned that their resources soon may be tapped. Only about 10 percent of the state’s intensive care unit beds were available Aug. 26 due to a combination of factors, including the virus, seasonal demand and

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