• One person’s trash is another’s treasure

    Plans for a multi-million dollar renovation of Bar Harbor’s solid waste transfer station were unveiled at the town council meeting last week. The site is in serious need of an upgrade to make it more user-friendly for the public and more efficient for the town to operate. As discussions proceed, there are other factors that

  • Equal footing

    To the Editor: I am writing in regards to an Islander news story about the attorney for the businesses seeking a quarry permit raising a “red herring” flag. It was published Jan. 15. Allowing the operation of a polluting industrial quarry in the quiet residential village of Hall Quarry flies in the face of common

  • Up to the challenge

    To the Editor: As I write this, the town’s highway crew has been at it all night keeping the roads open. Every member of the crew is in. This might not sound like much, and we do take it for granted at times, but it is a big deal. Please bear with us as we

  • No panacea

    To the Editor: A recent letter to the editor in the Islander from Tom Rolfes (Wind Power, Jan. 29), commented on Maine’s wind power policy. Like Tom, I don’t vote in Maine (yet), so I’ll leave that policy debate to those who do. I do hope that facts will inform the debate. But the assertions

  • Wind power and CO2

    Wind power advocates supporting the proliferation of giant turbines on the hills and mountains of Maine often describe them as an essential response to global warming, claiming that they will contribute in a major way to the reduction of CO2 emissions. They downplay or simply ignore the fact that electricity generation in Maine – the

  • Tax flexibility

    Governor Paul LePage has introduced his biennial budget with a goal of reducing Maine’s personal income tax rate. He has proposed a variety of ways to make up the difference in revenue, both with a rate increase and a broadening of the sales tax, as well as reductions in expenditures such as municipal revenue sharing.

  • Legislative deja vu all over again

    Bill titles are finally beginning to appear on the state legislature’s website. The text for many of those bills is also available, but even just from the titles, it is clear that we will be working with the full complement of frequent fliers, non-starters and just plain time-wasters. There were 200 titles listed as of