• Freedom of despicable speech

    A recent situation at the Maple Lane Apartments in Northeast Harbor serves as a perfect illustration of the societal fortitude required when upholding the principles of free speech guaranteed in the Constitution’s First Amendment. A Northeast Harbor man included several small Confederate Battle Flags as part of a much larger display on the door of

  • Rethinking fireworks

    Recreational use of fireworks has been legal in Maine for four years now. Fireworks have proliferated to the point that around the Fourth of July, the flash and noise of displays seems to issue from every quarter. And the use is not constrained to the holiday period alone. Camp owners on numerous lakes report near

  • Lyme disease is only getting worse

    By Emily Bracale I’ve got Lyme disease again, from a poppyseed-sized tick in the short grass in my gated yard on Ledgelawn Avenue in Bar Harbor. Back when the definition for Lyme disease was established by the Infectious Disease Society of America, it was described as hard to get and easy to treat, and was

  • Protection

    To the Editor: The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Maine commends the Legislature for its recent override of Governor Paul LePage’s veto of LD 382, which will provide free protection against identity theft for Mainers. The governor vetoed “An Act to Amend the Allowable Security Freeze Fees Charged by a Consumer Reporting Agency,” but

  • Electrical threat

    To the Editor: The Maine State Legislature has done its work to address the threat of a total collapse of the electric grid from an extreme geomagnetic solar storm (or geomagnetic disturbance GMD) so powerful and widespread it would black out Maine, the whole Northeast, Atlantic seaboard or even the nation for months or years.

  • Phantom Iraqi army

    To the Editor: The Iraqi Army has a history of moving to the rear and exposing their back sides to attacking forces. The Iraqi Army melted like butter when we attacked them in 2003. They faded away when ISIL attacked them, and then they lost Mosul and most of northwestern Iraq along with large quantities

  • Warming is good

    To the Editor: Pope Francis may be being “overquoted” (Is there such a word?) as stated in a letter in last week’s Islander. Admittedly, I haven’t read the whole encyclical, but what I did read didn’t seem to spell out that we should specifically “act now to reduce carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels.” Perhaps

  • Minimal benefits

    Several good reasons exist to oppose the proliferation of giant windmills on Maine’s ridges and mountains. Recently, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (DIF&W) added yet another one in its recommendation that the Weaver Wind farm proposed by SunEdison in the towns of Eastbrook and Osborn be rejected. The department cited what it