• Gender neutral

    To the Editor: Congratulations to the Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center and Healthy Acadia for planning a series of events regarding transgender and gender nonconforming people, as reported in the March 12 Mount Desert Islander. May I suggest that town officials take the opportunity to inform themselves on this subject? To my knowledge, not one

  • Trickle down

    To the editor: More and more Mainers are rejecting Gov. Paul LePage’s proposed state budget for very good reasons. It amounts to a regressive trickle-down tax shift which is bad for the middle class, bad for nonprofits, bad for towns and cities, and bad for home and property owners. Eliminating the income and estate taxes

  • Ideological purity

    Why do conservative Republican voters dominating some 50 congressional districts around the country seem bent on electing representatives to the U.S. House who are unwilling – or unable – to support measures that involve compromise even with members of their own party? Are those voters so wedded to right-wing ideology that they’re willing for their

  • Ramble on

    Controversy arose at the Bar Harbor Town Council meeting last week when chairman Paul Paradis announced that speakers at a public hearing on the re-codification of the town’s zoning ordinance would be limited to three minutes each. Although all were ultimately allowed to speak without being asked to sit down, and many enjoyed more than

  • No denial

    To the Editor: Yesterday, a real estate agent I know showed me a map of Mount Desert Island as it is now. Beside it was a projected image of Mount Desert Island after it had been struck by a Category 1 hurricane. In this image, the Trenton Bridge was submerged under four feet of water

  • Breaking bad news

    To the Editor: No, it was not an early April Fool’s headline. “Meth Lab busted in Town Hill” was the lead headline in last week’s Islander. No this is not TV, this is real life in our own backyard. Chances are it is the kind of headline that shocks us for a moment, but that

  • No go on status quo

    To the Editor: In Tom Rolfe’s recent letter addressing climate change and its causes, his statement that the EPA, being a “White House control agency,” should not be trusted, is quite naive. Many of our very best scientists work in government agencies, and the people of any government agency are influenced not only by the