• Heartfelt assistance

    To the Editor: My husband, Steve Alsup, passed away recently at home in the best possible way for him. It was a low technology death, in step with his lifestyle. It was all possible because of the help and support we got from the folks at Hancock County Homecare & Hospice. I cannot say enough

  • Safety first

    To the Editor: Recent Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) data shows that 14 bicyclists and pedestrians were killed in Maine in 2014. Of these fatalities, 12 were pedestrians and two were killed while riding bicycles. Additionally, half of the victims were either seniors or under the age of 18. As the state’s leading organization promoting

  • A failed prescription

    To the Editor: Governor Paul LePage released his budget proposal last Friday. The state budget is a reflection of the choices we make together to strengthen our communities, support vulnerable residents and build a vibrant economy. LePage’s two-year state budget proposal released today reflects the wrong choices. Prioritizing tax cuts for the top one percent

  • A fresh breeze

    To the Editor: In 2007, America was entangled in war with Iraq. Facing high oil and gasoline prices at home, Governor John Baldacci was concerned for Maine’s energy future. In the preceding few years, three grid-scale wind energy projects were proposed under Maine’s site location permitting process. Two projects (Mars Hill and Kibby) were approved;

  • Be it resolved

    The great writer Mark Twain held a somewhat skeptical view of the practice of making New Year’s resolutions. “Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week, you can begin paving hell with them as usual. “Yesterday, everybody smoked his last cigar, took his last drink and swore his last

  • Decision on Cuba disappoints

    We all celebrate when an innocent person is released from prison. The freedom of Alan Gross is welcome news. But the release of three convicted Cuban spies and operatives (who were directly responsible for the killing of other innocents), the continued lack of consultation by the Obama administration with other branches of government and Congress, and the disregard for the unrelenting oppression of political freedoms are a high cost to pay.

  • Playing musical ‘chairs’ in Augusta

    The assigning of legislative committee seats took longer than usual this year, complicated by the math of a Republican Senate and a Democratic House. In brief, every committee would have a Democratic majority, despite having a Republican chair from the Senate side. Eventually, leadership reached agreement on Republican majorities for three of the sixteen joint

  • Big Brother into power

    To the Editor: Is the National Security Agency the biggest threat to our privacy? Maybe. But it soon may be overtaken. The award-winning film “Take Back Your Power” (that is, your electric power) will be shown at the Southwest Harbor Public Library next week. It will introduce you to the new world of the smart

  • Maine beware

    To the Editor: New Jersey’s system of medical marijuana regulation, which requires all patients obtain a state-issued patient identification card to possess and purchase medical marijuana, in tracked sales, is unconstitutional. Federal law still criminalizes marijuana. New Jersey medical marijuana patients must not be forced to incriminate themselves federally in order to obtain their medicine

  • Thank you

    To the Editor: As my time as a member of Congress is coming to an end, I want to thank the people of Maine’s Second District for allowing me the privilege of representing them here in the people’s House. From Fort Kent to Lewiston and Franklin County to Washington County, Mainers have shared with me