• Open to possibilities

    The Bar Harbor Conservation Commission is to be congratulated for the extraordinarily thorough job its members did in crafting an open space plan. The document provides a thorough accounting of the tremendous affection the people of the town hold for the area’s unique and irreplaceable landscapes. While some were disappointed that the town council did

  • Solarize Bar Harbor now!

    The solar farm proposed for the salt shed would supply electricity for up to nine Bar Harbor families to showcase the viability of photovoltaics and community solar projects.

  • Yes, no, no

    To the Editor: On June 9, Bar Harbor residents will vote on three Land Use Articles: Article 2, the “Repeal and Replacement of the Bar Harbor Land Use Ordinance” (LUO), and articles 3 & 4, questions on public utility facility and public utility installation. We urge you to Vote “yes” on 2 to move the

  • Unintended consequences

    To the Editor: On June 9, Bar Harbor voters will have several land use changes before them that will have great impacts on Emera Maine’s ability to deliver reliable power to Bar Harbor. Article 2, the land use ordinance (LUO) revision and replacement, was drafted by the planning board and includes language which requires public

  • Point of disorder

    To the Editor: This is in response to a letter to the editor by Ivan Rasmussen, Bar Harbor Planning Board chairman, which appeared in the Islander on May 21. Rasmussen’s letter addressed a statement that I made regarding the revised Land Use Ordinance Repeal and Replacement proposal (hereafter referred to as the “revised LUO”). In

  • Radical limits

    To the Editor: This June we have a chance make a smart choice and approve the updated Land Use Ordinance (LUO). It was the result of a diligent tidying up of the current ordinance. Despite what some may have inferred, this rewrite carefully avoided major changes and was crafted to simply be a more user-friendly

  • Silly legal assertions

    To the Editor: The Islander, in its coverage of the May 19 public hearing on two desirable citizens’ initiatives endorsed by near-unanimous votes of our well-informed warrant committee, did a disservice to the voters of Bar Harbor. It quoted almost every opponent of the initiatives and only one proponent, even though more people spoke in

  • Welcome prospect

    To the Editor: Emera Maine and the citizens’ Substation Advisory Committee with which it has been working are pleased to announce that the company will soon be filing an application with the town to build a substation on Prospect Avenue in downtown Bar Harbor. The substation will be built to meet the electricity needs of

  • Misleading

    To the Editor: Bar Harbor voters need to know that many changes are not marked in the “Highlighted Land Use Ordinance” and that this is not the version up for consideration on June 9. Voters also need to understand that it’s not possible to know what changes have been made by simply reading either version