• Fair taxes

    To the Editor: Recently, I paid a visit to the assessor’s office in the town of Mount Desert to check on the town’s property tax valuations, current and past, for the six acres of property owned by Harold MacQuinn Inc in Hall Quarry.

  • End the violence

    To the Editor: Domestic violence. You can’t open the newspaper, turn on the radio or go online these days without encountering a story about spousal, partner or child abuse. The story may be the featured “lead” story or could be in the entertainment or sports sections, or the commentary.

  • Internet now

    To the Editor: The Internet is such a powerful tool in modern life, it’s hard for a lot of people to imagine going through their daily routine without using it in some capacity. But for some people in rural communities, accessing the Internet isn’t as easy as just connecting to the WiFi network.

  • Assault on Earth

    To the Editor: I appreciate the opportunity to publicly express my thoughts concerning the commercial quarrying operation taking place within my neighborhood of Hall Quarry. I have personally experienced the egregious, intolerable noise produced by the industrial activities which take place just beyond my residential property line day after day, week after week, year after year. My concerns, however, extend beyond my own well being.

  • Rockefeller Jr. endorses Yes on Question 1 campaign

    Philanthropist David Rockefeller Jr. has announced his support of the Yes on Question 1 campaign. He joins Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting, a group working to ban bear baiting, hounding and trapping. “Maine is the only state that permits all three practices of trapping, hounding and baiting bears for sport,” said Rockefeller in a statement.

  • An abundance of fear

    Flu and pneumonia kill more than 53,000 people annually in this country. Diabetes takes 74,000. Another 85,000 die from Alzheimer’s. Yet news that two nurses who worked closely with one man who died from Ebola in the isolation ward of a hospital in Dallas, Texas, now have the disease is provoking irrational responses bordering on

  • Hunting heritage

    Whether Maine should ban baiting, hounding and leg-hold traps in the hunting of bear will come before voters for the second time in a decade in Question 1 of the Nov. 4 general election ballot. In 2004, the same proposal was defeated after emotional campaigns conducted by both proponents and opponents in a vote of