• Middle East mess

    To the Editor: Due to indecision by the Obama White House to support moderate Sunni rebels in Syria, Islamic terrorists in Syria (ISIS) were able to reposition forces and attack the Iraqi Army, which folded and abandoned its U.S. equipment, including many Humvees and 155 mm guns. The Iraqi government requested air strikes against ISIS,

  • Community servant

    To the Editor: Recently, residents of Harbor Hill Estates in Bar Harbor held a service of remembrance for Lee Estey, who died March 2. He was so well liked and loved by all for all the things he did for the enjoyment of the residents. He handled all the decorations at every holiday, put out

  • More power

    To the Editor: Acadia Center, a nonprofit organization that researches and advocates innovative approaches to advance the clean energy future, has released “UtilityVision: Reforming the Energy System to Work for Consumers and the Environment.” The publication presents an ambitious but realistic energy future that puts the consumer firmly in the center. The report outlines the

  • Forcing marriage

    To the Editor: The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear four cases involving the issue of same-sex unions. These cases come from the Sixth Circuit, where the U.S. Appeals Court earlier upheld Michigan’s definition of marriage as limited to one man and one woman. The court will likely issue a decision in June with

  • Long Pond protection

    To the Editor: As residents of Southwest Harbor, we are concerned over the current discussion of increased paddle boarding and other activities on Long Pond in Somesville. We heartily approve the Mount Desert town policy of restricting activity on Long Pond for one simple reason – our health. Long Pond is the water reservoir for

  • Front and center

    Harbor committee officials in Mount Desert last week announced their intention to install new floats in Northeast Harbor and to move the Maine Sea Coast Mission vessel Sunbeam to a float in another area of the marina. Commercial interests on the harbor have been eyeing Sunbeam’s prime spot at the main wharf for years. It

  • Intentions and interests

    A tip of the hat this week to officials from Emera Maine and members of the citizens advisory committee who have been working to determine a location and design for a new electrical substation in Bar Harbor. That effort has channeled what began as outright and total opposition into positive energy aimed at finding a

  • Great Pond access

    Mount Desert officials need to reexamine the town’s policy concerning the use of Pond’s End in Somesville. The issue came to light recently when the operator of a stand-up paddleboard business was denied the use of the area for launching trips on Long Pond. The current policy grandfathering a nearby canoe rental business gives one