• Commerce, connections, creativity

    Officials in both Bar Harbor and Mount Desert are exploring options concerning the establishment of municipal broadband Internet networks. Fiber optic technology can provide Internet access speeds far in excess of cable and DSL via phone lines, the only choices currently available. Officials understand that there is little incentive for current broadband provider Time Warner

  • And again

    To the Editor: John Fehlauer and I differ a bit on what/who we should believe regarding global warming and its cause. Despite what he says, the Earth has not warmed now for 18 years. Suitable references for that statement were provided in my Feb. 12 letter. I have always appreciated NASA and NOAA for what

  • More hydropower

    For the first time since 1992, Maine now has an inventory of existing and potential hydropower resources. A study recently completed for the Governor’s Energy Office identified 110 sites at powered and non-powered dams with the potential for installation of 193 megawatts of additional capacity. Based on current market conditions, the study concluded that only

  • Plow crew kudos

    It seems like snow banks along area roads have never been higher than this winter. Those piles stand as a fitting testament to the dedication and hard work of dozens of plow drivers, heavy equipment operators and mechanics, as area public works departments have toiled away in blizzards and sub-zero conditions to keep our roads

  • A complex taxation picture

    Work has heated up considerably in your state legislature over the last month and many of you have written to me with questions and concerns about the governor’s budget proposal.

  • Insurance barriers

    To the Editor: We’ve heard a lot of talk from both the Democrats and Republicans about what they’re going to do to bring jobs to our state, increase prosperity, reduce taxes, and generally improve the condition of working-class people living in Maine. But let’s look at their past actions to find out where they really

  • Hard work

    To the Editor: I wish to state my appreciation for Emera’s recent letter to the Islander updating our community on the status of the final phase of building a new substation and transmission line in Bar Harbor. As one of the Woodbury Road neighbors, I feel Emera has been charting new territory for involving both

  • Cherry picking

    To the Editor: I agree with the first point in Tom Rolfes’ response to my recent letter on climate change (“Just Facts”): everyone should evaluate critically whom you look to for information. Discussions of climate science should be based on the work of experts actively involved in the science, subjected to review by peers. This

  • Failed policy

    To the Editor: For the second year in a row, Gov. Paul LePage used his State of the State address to demand more taxpayer dollars be spent on the failed war on drugs. Spending more on law enforcement while cutting treatment programs is a misguided tactic that has failed to curb drug abuse in Maine