• Let’s try diplomacy

    To the Editor: Some in Congress and the social media have opposed the Iranian nuclear deal since before there was one. But look past the outrageous rhetoric, and you’ll find a strong case for it. The deal reduces the Iranian stockpile of enriched uranium by 98 percent, centrifuges by 70 percent, allows unprecedented inspections and

  • Support caregivers

    To the Editor: U.S. Senator Susan Collins (Republican-ME), along with other members of Congress, joined leaders from the employer, health care, venture funding, entrepreneurial and consumer advocacy communities in July for a discussion on the challenges facing – and potential solutions for – the 40 million Americans who provide care for their parents, spouses/partners and

  • Terrible

    To the Editor: President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry put the United States and other countries in jeopardy by entering into an agreement with Iran which temporarily curbs its nuclear armaments program. They have either been duped, or they are naïve or both. Both are more concerned about their legacies than the security of

  • Stressed by quarry

    To the Editor: How is it possible that a surface mine, or more specifically a granite quarry, has been operating in Hall Quarry for decades undetected? It is impossible! Since 2010, Harold MacQuinn and Freshwater Stone Inc. have caused unnecessary stress to our neighborhood and the habitat that surrounds the area. It is unjust that

  • Fact check

    To the Editor: Making strong recommendations to avoid wasting energy is certainly an admirable objective, as Lunn Sawyer suggested in these pages last week, but otherwise, he has many of his facts out of place. Most of the disasters he mentioned are either completely wrong, or the science he used to support his facts doesn’t

  • Iran progress

    “We have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region,” President Barack Obama said of an agreement reached last week between Iran and seven world powers – the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union – to limit Iran’s controversial nuclear program for at least a decade. We

  • A community’s center

    Harbor House Community Service Center in Southwest Harbor turns 50 this year. Perhaps most remarkable about that milestone is the fact that it seems so unremarkable. Over the five decades of its proud service to Southwest Harbor, Tremont and the wider Mount Desert Island community, Harbor House has managed to integrate itself into a dizzying

  • Love one another

    To the Editor: The Confederate flag has come to symbolize racial prejudice, though many still see it as representing loyalty to ancestors who fought in the Civil War. I applaud Housing Authority head Terry Kelly for asking the resident at Maple Lane Apartments in Northeast Harbor to take down the public display of the Confederate

  • Help for bereaved

    To the Editor: I wanted to send along a huge thanks to Wendy Littlefield for her wonderful community forum column on and for bereaved parents. Everything she says is exactly right. I know five other people on the island besides myself in the same club, one no one wants to belong to. It will be

  • Good save

    To the Editor: Bravo to the concerned citizen who saved the sentinel elm tree at Tremont School from being removed by chainsaw and excavator. Many recall this stately tree from their school days, treasuring it today as the only source of shade for the school. It is a local landmark. Linda Paine Seal Cove