• Editorial: Somebody’s got to do it

    The federal lands that make up Acadia National Park are intertwined with four towns on Mount Desert Island and several more island and mainland municipalities. Law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical teams are getting better all the time at working together across the boundaries. But policy decisions made by the towns affect the park and

  • Editorial: Making Medicaid expansion work

    It’s a safe bet that Medicaid (MaineCare) expansion in Maine will not occur on Governor LePage’s watch. Historical overview: Voters approved expansion in November 2017 by a 59-41 percent margin. The Governor, citing fear of red ink and past performance when the MaineCare door was opened a little wider, refused to implement expansion. A component

  • State of Maine: The incredible shrinking cabinet

    Governor Paul LePage pulled the plug on 18 nominees to state boards and commissions last week. His spokesperson, Michael Beardsley, said it was in response to “petty partisan politics” in Augusta, an apparent reference to the failure of two other gubernatorial nominees to be approved by the legislature’s Transportation Committee the previous day. Beardsley made

  • Letter to Editor: Ferry timing

    To the Editor: When I mentioned my concerns about the proposed Bay Ferries Ltd. (BFL) five year lease agreement to a town councilor a few weeks ago, I was surprised when he told me that no one else had shared any misgivings with him about the project. I had heard differently. (It’s so easy for

  • Letter to Editor: Grohoski support

    To the Editor: Nicole Grohoski is running for Maine House District 132 (Trenton and Ellsworth) and she has made me one of her enthusiastic supporters. After volunteering to drive her around knocking on doors in my town of Trenton, I learned what makes her such an ideal choice for addressing some of the seemingly intractable

  • Letter to Editor: Older voters’ viewpoints

    To the Editor: In just a few months, newly elected state and federal leaders will take office. Research just completed by AARP has confirmed that especially for older Mainers, the next two years will be hugely important to their future. In a survey entitled “Insight From Maine’s Voters Age 50+,” respondents overwhelmingly report that protecting

  • Letter to Editor: A frugal politician

    I would like to introduce you to Nicole Grohoski, Democratic candidate for the Ellsworth and Trenton state representative seat. She is an Ellsworth native, attended school with my daughters, and has been a family friend ever since. With the Ellsworth school system as a strong educational base, she has always challenged herself academically, pursuing difficult

  • Letter to Editor: Criminalizing mutilation

    To the Editor: Female genital mutilation (FGM) is the practice of partially or totally removing the external genitalia of girls and young women for non-medical reasons. Why is FGM ever done? In some countries, particularly in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, FGM is a cultural tradition. Common reasons for FGM cited by women in

  • Letter to Editor: Main St. frustration

    To the Editor: I think I’ll run for Selectman for the Town of Mount Desert. Like the current members of the board, I have a million better things to do than spend countless hours conducting the business of the town to ensure its ongoing fiscal and civic health. If elected, I’m sure to sit through

  • No room at the landfill

    After decades of relatively stable waste-management practices for many of Maine’s communities, a new player entered the scene with a better mousetrap. The developers of Fiberight made an impressive proposal to turn residential and commercial waste into industrial sugars and reusable bio-fuel. Instead of burning trash for electricity, as the region has done for years