• Opinion: Student housing takes a village

    By Darron Collins  In one of last week’s letters regarding year-round rentals, Rebecca Richardson stated, “As for COA students needing housing … this should not be the responsibility of Bar Harbor residents.” Ms. Richardson is absolutely correct. Nevertheless, exploring some context might be useful for readers.  COA’s founders, local Bar Harbor friends Les Brewer and Father Jim Gower, imagined a college

  • Letter to the editor: Electability is paramount

    To the Editor:  As we rapidly approach the “silly season” of presidential politics, I believe that Democrats need to take a deep breath. Let me start by saying that I am an “independent” voter. You know, that voter you’re always trying to reach. That said, there is no way on earth that I could be persuaded to

  • Letter to the editor: Parking

    To the Editor:  For some time now I have been waiting to see discussion and results of the town’s first ever paid parking adventure. There has been surprisingly little information shared with the public since the season ended. I don’t believe this is intentional but is more likely an oversight. After searching on the town website, I finally found

  • Viewpoint: Vote “Yes” on Question 1

    By Blake Rosso    Think for a moment about freedom. Put your mind on what you value most about being an American citizen. Freedom unites us. Freedom protects us. It motivates us. Freedom defines us. Now apply that concept of freedom to healthcare. Bodily autonomy is one our most basic human rights. I want the final

  • Viewpoint: Vaccination law is punitive, not protective

    By Meryl Nass, MD    A single referendum question is coming up for a vote March 3, which is also the date of the Democratic Party’s primary election. The question asks Maine citizens if they want to retain religious and personal belief exemptions for vaccines (in that case, vote “yes” on No. 1) or instead

  • Viewpoint: From the Editor’s desk

    With my first official issue now behind me, I want to take a minute to introduce myself. I have already met a few readers who’ve been in for their paper on Thursdays and I have corresponded with others by phone or email about specific issues. In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to

  • Editorial: Money in your pocket

    For 305,000 Maine homeowners, the new year kicked off with a surprise gift in the mail, courtesy of the state of Maine. Property tax relief checks for $104 payable to every household that qualified for the homestead exemption. Politicians are squabbling over which party deserves credit for the idea. Maine Speaker of the House and

  • Editorial: Making the switch

    When a couple of ice fishermen discovered an ailing bald eagle on Flanders Pond in Sullivan Jan. 6, they gently covered the bird with a jacket and called for help. A game warden rescued the eagle and turned it over to volunteer bird rehabilitators. Despite the best efforts of all involved, the eagle later died.