• To the Editor: Town government has lost touch 

    To the Editor:  (This letter was submitted as a letter directed to the town’s assessor and was printed here with permission.)  Our assessed property value rose by 25 percent this year. No joke! The CPI was 1.2 percent for 2020 and averaged 1.5 percent through February of this year. We are told by the Federal Reserve and notable economists that the inflation

  • To the Editor: Task force update 

    To the Editor:  Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have increasingly released carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that had been stored in the Earth’s crust for millions of years. This release upset the prior balance of the carbon cycle, resulting in larger atmospheric concentrations of these greenhouse gases than have existed since

  • To the Editor: Taxation without representation 

    To the Editor:   I was very happy to see this article (Rental owners voice displeasure over proposed regs, Islander, July 15) give a little voice to those of us who are likely going to suffer great harm if this legislation as passed.  We are one of many “summer residents” that have made up a large part of

  • To the Editor: Flaw in the LUO 

    To the Editor:  I’m wondering how many residents are aware that there are plans to build a 44-room so-called “Bed & Breakfast” on Cottage Street? Though currently in the Design Review process, with no plan yet available, neighbors are rightfully concerned about the scale of the project. We all should be.   The state of Maine fire marshal treats any

  • To the Editor: What’s wrong with that?

    To the Editor: I subscribed to the Islander in preparation for a fall camping trip to Blackwoods. My thoughts of another wonderful visit to Acadia National Park took a bad turn when I read a letter in my first Islander extolling the virtues of the electric transmission line slated to cut a scar in Maine

  • To the Editor: Missed chance for unity 

    To the Editor:  The saying “only the vanquished remember history” may not be entirely true, and it is definitely not when it comes to Columbus. The recent voyage of the Nao Santa Maria, a historical reproduction of the famous Santa Maria sailed by Columbus, is testament to that. Its arrival into Bucksport elicited a stream of celebration and a torrent of anger

  • Viewpoint: Vote yes to save Maine 

    By Elizabeth Caruso  As an intervenor in the three state permitting proceedings, I am personally acquainted with the expert testimonies and evidence submitted for the NECEC project. Testifying at the Legislature, I witnessed a foreign-corporate army of lobbyists hammering upon our citizen legislators.   I am writing to conscientious, knowledgeable Maine citizens who are concerned about Maine’s economy, climate future, a green pathway with its associated implications.  It’s hard to believe that we

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