• Editorial: Sunny outlook

    Installing solar panels on a home, school or public building is a large up-front investment that reaps significant savings over time, as the locally-generated electricity offsets some of what would otherwise be purchased from the power company. But the rules for exactly how that offset happens are quite complicated. Because the rules have kept changing,

  • Editorial: Pharmacy of the farm

    It’s an ongoing frustration for many doctors when treating chronic illness: Even effective drugs such as beta blockers and insulin won’t work if patients spend the rest of the day eating frozen pizza and cookies. Now, more and more, patients are leaving the doctor’s office with a prescription not only for the pharmacist but also

  • Viewpoint: Gerrymandering and magical thinking

    by John March   Last month the Supreme Court held that even extreme gerrymandering is not unconstitutional, or at least not subject to any remedy that can be fashioned by the courts. Redistricting, the court held, is exclusively the province of the legislative branch, and that is where any remedy or reform must take place.

  • Letter to Editor: Demand answers

    To the Editor: First they came for the brown-skinned children and put them in cages. Why does our government, using our tax dollars, rip children away from their families? Some as young as four months old are then detained and subsequently reclassified as unaccompanied minors. Why does our government, using our tax dollars, imprison the

  • Letter to Editor: Bar Harbor is still beautiful

    To the Editor: As another Islander reader from away, I simply couldn’t let Barbara Cusumano’s letter in last week’s paper go unanswered. I have three observations: First, to the comment that “it all started with the cruise ships”, I assume you mean, Barbara, that the island is more crowded than formerly, which we’ve also noticed

  • Letter to Editor: Is new staff really needed?

    To the Editor: In a recent Mount Desert Islander, I read that a $25,000 fund was being recommended for the wellness of Mount Desert Island Regional School System employees. The piece hinted that such a plan would have a positive effect on insurance rates. Did the insurer tell us this? Was a cost analysis done

  • Letter to Editor: Back to the moon

    To the Editor: As the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon approaches, I find myself confused. We completed six and a half successful lunar missions back then, in relatively quick succession. Since then, aerospace technology has presumably advanced tremendously, and yet, a half-century later, we still haven’t gone back. In fact, no

  • Letter to Editor: Above and beyond

    To the Editor: I had the misfortune to suffer an auto breakdown last Tuesday on Eagle Lake Road. “Thank goodness for cell phones,” I thought as I confidently pulled my cell phone out of my pocket! I should have known better as I wasn’t lucky enough to have broken down in one of the three

  • Letter to Editor: Diversity of opinion

    To the Editor: As a loyal Islander reader, I was saddened and dismayed to read the inaccurate and personal attack on our fine, community-oriented, Bar Harbor Warrant Committee in the Islander’s anonymous July 4 editorial. First, the Warrant Committee is not divided into subcommittees because the Warrant Committee is too large. The Warrant Committee is