• To the Editor: We support affordable housing, but NOT Article 4 

    To the Editor:  As native locals (born and raised in Bar Harbor), we are well aware of the affordable housing crisis on our island, as it affects us all. However, we will be voting NO on Bar Harbor’s Article 4 due to the punitive results to local people that the non-transferability of registrations would bring.  We understand the availability of affordable

  • To the Editor: It’s time to fix the problem  

    To the Editor:   Dear Friends and Neighbors,   Airbnb does not care about you. VRBO does not care about you. They do not care at all about our community, our schools, our neighborhoods – they only care about their profits. This is an unmistakable truth. But across the globe, these enormous corporations are encountering more and more communities like ours that are

  • To the Editor: Get your well water tested 

    To the Editor:  Do you want to test your well for arsenic? The town of Bar Harbor is working with eighth grade students from Conners Emerson School, students from COA, the MDI Biological Laboratory and Defend Our Health to provide free arsenic testing kits for people in Bar Harbor to test their well water to make sure it’s

  • To the Editor: What we should do 

    To the Editor:  To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, we should require everyone to get fully vaccinated (including a possible third dose) – unless exempted by a sincerely held religious belief or medical condition. We should write to our legislators and executives at all levels of government.  Alvin Blake  Bar Harbor 

  • To the Editor: Article overreach 

    To the Editor:   I urge the resident of Bar Harbor to vote NO at the Nov. 2 Town Meeting on the Article 4 amendment to the vacation rental regulations.   In the Oct. 14 issue, Town Council members assert (in “Article 4 can help Bar Harbor with housing”) that, “with the advent of vacation rentals (VR), it has become nearly impossible”

  • Editorial: Plugging in and tuning out 

    Did you know that if you vote yes on Question 1 the government will be able to time travel back to 1971 and demand your mother NOT give you that unfortunate bowl cut before fourth-grade picture day? Or that if you vote no, all the leaves in the forest will drop to the ground – not

  • Editorial: The right to food 

    Among the items Mainers will be asked to vote on this Nov. 2 is Question 3, which seeks to amend the state constitution’s Declaration of Rights to include a right to food. While the constitution has been amended more than 170 times for largely mechanical reasons such as updating language and for other so-called housekeeping measures, if passed, this amendment would be one of very few substantive changes to the

  • To the Editor: Survey says 

    To the Editor:  Dear Town Council,   Only 3.1 percent had positive comments about cruise ships as stated on page 47 of the town website report, and then pages 116-326 show 210 pages containing thousands of negative comments, along with the 3.1 percent of the positive comments, which have little depth of reasoning while a lot of the negative comments are well thought out.  Even though

  • To the Editor: Your MDI Community Member 

    To the Editor:  I am intrigued by an advertisement in the Oct. 7 Islander (sect 1, page 3.) Cloaked in support for frontline healthcare workers and first responders, it sounds like an anti-vaccination and/or anti-government dog whistle. Cloaked in anonymity, it purports to be from Your MDI Community Members.  The giveaway is mention of workers who will

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