• To the Editor: Bittersweet move 

    To the Editor: A little over three years ago, Open Table MDI began serving community suppers to the MDI community. What started out as a free weekly meal, offered to 50-100 people each week, has blossomed into something much larger. Today, our organization has served over 35,000 meals, feeding approximately 400 people each week –

  • To the Editor: LD 99 

    To the Editor:  LD 99 is a bill to divest the Maine state retirement program (MEPERS) of fossil fuel interests. Divestment from fossil fuels is an imperative to meet the demands of our changing climate, not to mention our local and state climate goals. But fossil fuel investments also threaten the stability and growth of MEPERS. MEPERS has

  • To the Editor: Be a tree 

    To the Editor:  On a walk this morning, I came across a mighty pine tree standing alone in a field. I stopped to ask it a question.   “Mighty pine, do you believe that science is real?”   The pine replied, “Yes, I believe that science is real. It helps you humans make sense of the world around you. It also created the technology that destroyed my

  • Viewpoint: Understanding the science 

    Due to the importance of vaccination in helping to end the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to address the points that Mr. Atlee brought up in his article published on March 25 to ensure that the readership of the Islander has access to accurate information. We are both Ph.D.-trained scientists in the field of biomedical research and so have extensive experience evaluating the types of primary sources cited by Mr. Atlee. 

  • State of Maine: Concept draft vagueness weakens the process 

    Welcome to a legislative rabbit hole—the concept draft. It is a way of submitting legislation that is much abused, though it had merit as originally designed. What if this newspaper’s editor accepted “concept columns”? Title: “Concept Drafts.” Column, in its entirety: “Concept drafts may be good or bad.” It states a point of view but doesn’t give readers their money’s worth. 

  • To the Editor: Teacher hours 

    To the Editor:  I read the article about the proposed new student hours at  MDI high school and the questions and answers from the virtual session. The session gave very detailed times and reasons for student hours but  one major question I didn’t see addressed was teacher hours. If students are going to school four hours per week less, then are the

  • To the Editor: Words matter 

    To the Editor:  I read with interest Dick Atlee’s viewport concerning COVID-19 vaccinations risks and benefits. I agree that it is important for all of us to research and review all information available before making this decision, but I take issue with his use of the word “coercive” in describing the process by which those of us who

  • To the Editor: Happily vaccinated 

    To the Editor:  The March 25th Islander provided Dick Atlee some significant print real estate to offer multiple perspectives on his pandemic skepticism. In brief: He suggests that there may not be an actual emergency (unreported false positives). He claims that the numbers of deaths attributed to COVID are suspect (incorrect attributions of mortality). He

  • To the Editor: Support OVR 

    To the Editor:  My parents drilled into us that the privilege of American citizenship comes with the duty to vote. Mom always said, “If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.” There’s a bill in the Maine legislature now – LD 1126 – to start Online Voter Registration (OVR) here. Here’s why I support that.  The current system

  • To the Editor: Successful formula 

    To the Editor:  It is vitally important that all of us here on Mount Desert Island continue to follow the successful formula that has kept our community relatively safe over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic: wear a mask, wash our hands and watch our distance. By following these basic guidelines, our businesses have largely been

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