Outpouring of assistance

To the Editor:

On Thursday afternoon around 1:30 p.m., I went for a walk with my two dogs on Acadia Mountain in Acadia National Park. It was my first hike to the summit, and I didn’t know it was so steep and impractical to keep my dogs on leash.

After reaching the summit, I walked down toward Somes Sound and noticed that my chocolate labradoodle, Ginger, had disappeared. I frantically called, but there was no answer. I hastily climbed back up the mountain in the event that she had gotten confused, but she was not there either. Then I descended, again, calling her nonstop.

At 5 p.m., it was pitch-black dark, and I still had not found her, so I went back to the car. (Acadia Mountain is not a place you want to be hiking with only a smartphone flashlight.)

I reached out to social media, and upon advice from Leslie Jones, we contacted an organization called Maine Lost Dog Recovery. Around 8:30 p.m. they emailed me and urged me to call the Mount Desert Police. I did, and they put out a notice about Ginger. Within 10 minutes, they called me back and said that Ginger had been found and was in their police cruiser.

Zach Allen and Dustin Tierney met me at the Somesville Fire Station, and I probably overwhelmed them with my gratitude and hugs. One of the officers said, “We heard about Ginger on the dispatch and thought if it were our dog, we’d want to check it out.” They did, and they found her, soaking wet with seawater and standing in the middle of Route 102.

Four hours after I lost Ginger, she was safely inside my car and we headed home. (She confided in me that she will never again swim in Somes Sound, but neglected to tell me how she got there.)

Of this experience, I can only say that my heart is filled with gratitude – gratitude to Marie Overlook, the dispatcher; Officers Tierney and Allen; and Mount Desert Police, who took action so quickly and found my dog.

I am also overwhelmed with the responses of the community. Friends and acquaintances from Somesville, Mount Desert, Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor and Trenton all volunteered to help look for Ginger on the mountain at first light the next morning. Their support has once again pointed out how wonderful it is to live in such a compassionate and caring community.

Thank you all!

Claire Daniel


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