O’Neill is best choice

To the Editor:

As her unsuccessful Democratic primary opponent, I may have a unique perspective of Moira O’Neill’s qualifications for the State Senate.

O’Neill won the race, in part, because she worked very hard, enthusiastically reaching out to voters, community leaders and business owners across the region. She has a keen sense of the challenges facing many of our fellow citizens, from lack of access to affordable health care to decent housing and livable wages.

As a registered nurse, holding a doctorate, and also a Masters of Nursing and Public Health, O’Neill is both a health practitioner and health policy expert.

Her knowledge, skills, and commitment to public health will be a great asset in the Legislature. She’s an interested listener and articulate communicator. I’m hoping O’Neill may cast one of the deciding votes that makes Medicaid services available to 70,000 Maine citizens and veterans. That has been denied by Gov. LePage and his Senate supporters for several years.

O’Neill has been a children’s advocate for youngsters who have special needs. And, as an educator, She appreciates the importance of high quality education to prepare the younger generation for a good life and rewarding work.

I urge my fellow citizens to join me in voting for Moira O’Neill for Maine Senate.

Ted Koffman

Bar Harbor

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