On a mission

Earlier this summer, the Maine Seacoast Mission, headquartered on West Street in Bar Harbor, announced it would sell its waterfront building, a former summer estate donated to the organization back in the 1970s.

For many in the community, the news came as a surprise. The Colket Center, as the building is called, has been a font of community and philanthropic activity for more than four decades. Its lawns have been party to numerous weddings, and within its walls, mission staff have planned and executed scores of programs that have benefited thousands of residents throughout Down East Maine and on the outer island communities.

It is as much an iconic Bar Harbor presence as the mission’s vessel Sunbeam is in its homeport of Northeast Harbor.

With the blessing of the original donors, the decision to sell was undertaken with the most noble of intentions. By divesting itself of an asset worth millions of dollars, those funds now become available for expanded programs that will positively benefit even more lives. And the affection and appreciation for all the mission accomplishes will only be enhanced.

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