No longer ‘Quietside’

To the Editor:

Yes, Acadia National Park is being loved to death.

The Islander‘s article on the park was interesting, but it left out a few important bits about what and why the crowds have been so impressive/invasive/ annoying this summer season.

I can only accurately reflect on what happened on the busy side, formerly referred to as the Quietside – thanks to the merchants and the park.

I try not to frequent the noisy/crazy side except for the farmers’ markets.

To lessen the impact on the eastern side of the island, Acadia personnel have been trained to send people to the western side. The impact on roads, trails and parking has been catastrophic. If anyone doubts me, just try to achieve access to Acadia Mountain, Echo Lake Cliffs, Beech Mountain, Beech Cliff, Long Pond Trail, Wonderland, Ship Harbor and/or Bass Harbor Head Light. Of course I’m alluding to the heavy traffic months of July and August.

No, I take that back. Just last week, some park guru decided to prohibit parking on the road north of the Beech Mountain lot. I’m trying to figure out why this would be done when the trails to Beech Cliff have been rebuilt, the fire tower on Beech Mountain is open, and the park continues to send multitudes there. There is no Island Explorer service there. Visitors must use cars.

I addressed this issue to “the park” and received no reply.

It may be that Acadia needs to offer fewer services and opportunities. Just sending people to Schoodic is not the answer. The park has concentrated on sending visitors to the Quietside and has destroyed it.

Of course, I sound as if I’m saying, “I like the good old days.” Then someone else comes along and says, “So do I. You know, 49 years ago before you arrived.”

Philip Hicks

Mount Desert

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