No laughing matter

To the Editor:

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins was photographed laughing it up with the GOP “good old boys” following their early January caucus during which they decided to plunge America even further down the ladder from the goal of achieving universal health care. The rest of the developed world recognizes that health insurance is essential. These countries work to provide mechanisms for their citizens’ health care coverage.

The GOP vote moves us from the bottom rung of the ladder to the ground.

Collins owes an explanation to Mainers who are about to lose their Affordable Care Act subsidies or health insurance.

Many are fearful that they will now have access to health insurance ripped out from beneath their feet because of this Republican vote.

If the GOP has a “better way,” why are they keeping it secret?

Why contribute to increased stress and fear in the lives of 20 million people?

Collins’ ecstatic face tells Americans that she would rather laugh with the wealthy GOP establishment than cry with the poor common folk.

Call Senator Collins’ Bangor office at 945-0417 or her Washington office at 202-224-2523 and let her know what you think of her glee at this very sad moment in so many Americans’ lives.

Janet Leston Clifford

Mount Desert

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