No comfort

To the Editor:

Those trusting people who voted for Donald Trump in the belief that he would “make America great again” and feel safer, risk a severe case of buyer’s remorse.

One always welcomes a miracle, of course, but in real life, when one is shot, one expects with almost perfect certainty to be injured or killed. Given the sheer number of destructive, malicious policies that Trump and his appointees intend to enact, the correct analogy is not even being shot by a single bullet, but machine-gunned.

When someone shoots at me, I neither wish them to succeed in their intent nor cherish any hope that their intent to ventilate me will somehow have beneficial results. I explicitly hope for them to fail.

I wish for every aspect of their project to fail. Fail, fail, fail. I am unabashedly negative, divisive and obstructive. I take measures, if possible, to increase the likelihood of their total failure. I obstruct, delay, evade, disarm them if I can.

We must call for the failure of Trump and the Republicans, and what is far more important than calling for anything, we must work for it.

Nor, alas, do I think that Trump’s erratic behavior can be counted on to make us safer. Thanks to both Democratic and Republican precedents, the president of the United States is unilateral war maker-in-chief, and his impulses affect the fates of millions.

We are talking about the most powerful person on the planet who displays compulsive lying, erratic thought, fantasy delusions and poor impulse control. No comfort there; no comfort at all.

Gene Clifford

Mount Desert

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