Neighborly assistance

To the Editor:

At their regular May meeting, the Board of Trustees of the Southwest Harbor Water and Sewer District asked me to extend sincere appreciation to the Bar Harbor Town Council, Bar Harbor Town Manager Cornell Knight, Public Works Director Chip Reeves, Jeff Van Trump and the entire community of Bar Harbor for coming to our aid, without hesitation, during our recent water plant emergency shut down.

During this crisis situation, we lost the ability to process our own drinking water, and it was comforting to know we could depend on our neighbors for assistance. Your kind gesture in allowing us to purchase drinking water to help augment our dwindling supply was very helpful in allowing us to supply both drinking water and fire fighting protection to our citizens.

Whether it is supplying repair parts during a water main break or assisting each other with manpower or water in an emergency, this type of intercommunity cooperation with all our island neighbors is essential, timely and cost effective, and we appreciate your efforts in assisting us. We continue to make our resources available to you, should you need them for any reason or find yourself in a similar situation, though we hope you do not.

Steven T. Kenney

District Director

Southwest Harbor Water and Sewer District

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