National monument

To the Editor:

Two hundred sixty thousand-plus people told Interior Secretary Zinke they support Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. Fewer than 100 distressed souls are on record as opposing it.

Two hundred sixty thousand yeas vs. 100 nays—four one-hundredths of one percent of respondents—equals 2,600-to-1. How many syllables in “mother of all blowouts”?

Did Gov. LePage and Rep. Bruce Poliquin thank Roxanne Quimby for her $80 million gift to the economy they “represent”?

I’d be curious to hear about the latest $80 million permanent investment that either LePage or Poliquin has brought to Millinocket, East Millinocket, Medway, Patten, Shin Pond, Mount Chase or northern Maine generally.

I’d ask them to torque their brain boxes around this syllogism: Federal installations create private jobs; national monuments are federal installations; therefore, national monuments create private jobs.

Doubtless John D. Rockefeller Jr., Charles W. Eliot, George B. Dorr and company, the donors of Acadia, were thanked.

So, too, the man who gave us Baxter Sate Park.

I’d ask LePage and Poliquin to show some grace if they can.

W. Kent Olson

Bass Harbor


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