Too much Jersey shore

To the Editor:

This is a response to an earlier letter on the same subject.

Much like her, I am from New Jersey and have vacationed in Bar Harbor for 30 years.

I also am a Bar Harbor homeowner who comes up spring, summer, fall and winter. My husband and I had planned to retire here.

After living through hell this year during the summer season, even I don’t want to come back.

This year was all about the can’ts. Can’t get into town Can’t park, can’t go to the pier, can’t get into shops, can’t get into restaurants, can’t get to Bubble Pond because the park purposely made it that way. We can’t park at Sieur de Monts because the park decided to put sewer pipes in during the height of the season.

More importantly, this is George Dorr’s park. Instead of honoring him, you closed him off to the general public. What a slight to the one person you should be honoring.

The park in general was about overcrowding. Buses never meant to go up Cadillac were allowed to do so. But that’s okay because the ship people outweigh everyone else.

Are we going to wait until someone is killed before someone stops it? I came here to get away from the Jersey shore and instead I am back into crowds and congestion.

Everyone I spoke with is not planning to return as the experience of what Bar Harbor used to be is gone. All this town cares about is the almighty dollar.

The town obviously doesn’t care about the park being abused. That used to sound off bells and whistles in previous years. Less abuse to the park might be to open the park all year-round and to start a strong marketing campaign.

Maybe this would spread out tourists and allow business to keep open year-round instead of shutting down.

If not, you have two options. Weighing the paid tourist vacationers against ship people or keep what you are doing and lose vacationers. Right now, you are making life miserable for the vacation people and homeowners who want to avoid the town, the park and everything that people come for or live here to enjoy.

I also continue to read that the park is considering reservations to get into some places and reducing/eliminating cars. So it’s raining and I don’t go to the park the day of my reservation to climb the Precipice. That means my vacation is now over, and I missed the hike I do every year.

The people that come to this park like their cars. I have no interest in the bus, nor do I want to make a reservation for the park.

I think the town is crossing into uncharted territory that is very dangerous and will turn off the vacationers, homeowners and day-trip visitors who may never gain entrance to the park under those rules.

Tread lightly, Bar Harbor, and stop biting the hand that feeds you!

Barbara Cusumano

New Jersey

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