Move on

To the Editor:

With the recent controversy over our governor’s unregulated mouth, I have had it up to here with just about everyone else in state government, as well as half of the rest of the population, condemning and calling for a resignation as well as other penalties.

Okay, I get it. And I am not a great fan of the current governor. But, really? We knew the man had poor control of his conversational choices before he was elected to his first term, and he was elected anyway.

We chose him twice.

What does bother me is the number of elected officials who waste our time commenting on what everybody already understands instead of actually working on legislation that would help the citizens a little. When are the folks in Washington County going to get a few of the crumbling roads rebuilt, instead of wasting money putting curbs and sidewalks on roads out in the boonies where nobody uses them and they tear the devil out of snow plows in the winter?

How about some sensible legislation on education and health care? How about finding ways to lower taxes? How about making it easier for the working person instead of figuring out ways to make things more complicated?

We elected Gov. Paul LePage over every other candidate. And the reason people vote for a LePage or even a Trump is because they are fed up with politicians who play the game in the same old way. They take the perks, talk a good game (and talk a lot, but say nothing), glad hand the crowds and do nothing that might anger a possible large campaign donor. Did I mention a lot of empty talk?

Let’s please move on.

Vincent H. Ghelli

Bar Harbor

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