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To the Editor:

We are writing in response to the recent Islander editorial, “A Question of Fairness,” as to whether the town of Mount Desert should spend money to expand wireless to Pretty Marsh area.

The residents of Pretty Marsh did not benefit from the town’s five-year partnership with RedZone Wireless in which the town paid $75,000 to subsidize the extension of high-speed wireless internet access throughout much of the town. Since we, the residents of Pretty Marsh, paid for this contract via our property tax dollars and did not benefit from it, how is it not fair that the other residents should pay for the expansion into Pretty Marsh? To quote then-Town Manager Michael MacDonald in the Bangor Daily News from May 16, 2007, “’These people pay taxes here,’ Michael MacDonald said, contrasting the rural parts of Mount Desert to the more densely developed villages of Northeast Harbor and Seal Harbor. ‘They ought to have as many services as everyone else.’”

The whole town would benefit from the expansion of internet access to all as more summer residents, like ourselves, could spend more time at our houses, thus spending more money in the town.

Moreover, future permanent residents do not consider moving to Pretty Marsh when they realize the area does not have internet access. The increase of residences means an increase in property tax revenue to the town.

We strongly hope that internet service is extended to the whole of town of Mount Desert.

Gwen Doddy Lowit

Brian Lowit

Pretty Marsh

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