Moira O’Neill has my vote

I write to voice my support for the candidacy of Moira O’Neill, who seeks to represent the citizens of District 7 in the Maine State Senate.

I have read other letters in these pages enumerating some of O’Neill’s special qualifications to be our state senator, but I am particularly impressed by her years of experience within the health care system and her genuine understanding of its complexities – bringing that knowledge to bear as a legislator, she would speak with a voice of unique authority and work effectively to better a system of vital significance to us all.

As importantly, O’Neill would bring new enthusiasm and a desire to build consensus to an institution in grave need of both.

I am confident that whether with respect to health care, child welfare, community betterment or any of the myriad of issues confronting state government, she will be a thoughtful and progressive advocate for us all.

See you on primary day, June 14, and please consider voting for Moira O’Neill!

Charles Stephenson

Mount Desert

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