Moira O’Neill for senator

To the Editor:

I met Moira O’Neill working on trails in Acadia National Park. We are both Waldron’s Warriors, a volunteer group helping to maintain trails, and began hiking together. Boy, was I ever impressed! We are both nurses, although O’Neill has a doctorate with a focus on public policy and had lots to talk about.

O’Neill understands and promotes health care in its most wide-ranging sense. She understands the interaction between the environment and the well-being of a society; the need for economic security as an underlying necessity to maintaining good physical and mental health; education as an underpinning to making healthy and positive life choices; and access to health care as the first step toward the collaboration and support we all need in order to advocate for ourselves in staying healthy, energetic and productive.

O’Neill is a people magnet. When hiking with her, it’s always much slower. She stops to talk to every person we meet on the trails, asking them what they like about the park, what they might suggest to make the experience even more rewarding, and what brought them here. And she’s a fabulous listener. She really cares about what people have to say and takes it all in. People always want their picture taken with her and ask me to take the picture – not my greatest skill!

O’Neill is committed to ensuring that all Mainers have access to health care, to drug treatment if they need it, to preventive services and health screening, to supportive services for our senior citizens, and good prenatal care. She will work to reinstate Medicaid expansion, something that current Sen. Brian Langley (R-Ellsworth) initially voted for in the legislature, but then did not support after Gov. Paul LePage vetoed it. The result of Langley’s refusal to vote to override LePage’s veto is that 70,000 Mainers are without health care insurance.

Langley has voted with LePage against raising the minimum wage and in cuts to revenue sharing which result in a shift of more school funding to individual property owners. And while Langley spoke out against LePage’s language in the governor’s most recent both vulgar and completely horrific diatribe against another public representative, he said nothing about the real content – a threat to kill – of LePage’s message. Furthermore, Langley did not call for any action – not for censure, for LePage’s resignation, nor for impeachment.

We need O’Neill in the state Senate. She’s smart, hardworking, committed, a consensus builder and a person of significant moral character. She will work for us, and she will also be a vote to fight for legislation passed by compromise and yet vetoed by our governor. We are lucky to have the chance to cast a vote for such a strong candidate. I urge you to vote for Moira O’Neill.

Ellen L. Dohmen

Bar Harbor


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